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With Interest

Written by: Aaron Dominguez |   Directed by: Aaron Dominguez |  Genre: Crime / Comedy

 Joey ( Anis Maknojia ) is a goon for hire specializing in torture and killing. According to his reputation, you owe you pay… or you die. However, his boss Sophia ( Dre Davis ) is slowly beginning to think Joey has lost touch with his murderous nature, and is quickly losing touch with his surefire ability. She’s right, Joey is becoming tired of his dangerous lifestyle and has decided to try his hand at a new career. Stand up comedy. Sophia, in her growing dismay, has been sending another local goon to “check up” of Joey’s work. Carlito ( Aaron Dominguez ) is the playboy of the trade. Living it up and enjoying his quasi celebrity status. He’s not a guy who messes around though, he’ll kill you as quick as he would tell you a joke. Joey and Carlito are rivals of sorts, and it’s not hard to imagine what Carlito really wants to do.

 At some point prior to the film, Joey really messes things up, well, not so much him… but we’ll leave that for you to watch. The client who hired Joey is not impressed with Joey’s failure, and since Joey has already been paid, offers him an alternate job. To be completed after Joey’s first show. What happens next? Good question.

  With Interest is a great looking short film. The cinematography is pretty good, the mix of stock footage ( I think ) is good, and all the dialog is clear and easy to understand. The comedy is situational and personality driven. Pulp Fiction is referenced in this movie, and the comedy is pretty much kind of the same style. No complaints from me, I love tongue in cheek comedy, action movies! What I didn’t really like was that this film doesn’t really end. It serves more like a first episode of a show than a short film. It literally just stops, right as things start to get good. If, this were billed as a pilot episode or something, that would be fine. But it isn’t. It’s billed as a short film. So not having an ending, or even something resembling an ending, felt like I just watched something and got zero payoff.

 As a purely entertaining film, With Interest did the trick. It’s with the way it ends, leaving you hanging that sort of got to me. But everything else is great. The look, the acting, and even the story itself. Maybe not anything terribly new, but familiar enough to be comfortable. Four stars, and thanks for reading.

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