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Written by: Joshua Nelson  |   Directed by: Joshua Nelson |  Genre: Horror

 A psychotherapist is at her wits end when it comes to her regular clients. It’s always the same and as she repeatedly tells her husband, they just don’t listen. Why get help when you don’t want help; there’s only so much you can heal someone when all they do is come in and totally ignore you. If you even get to talk at all. Her husband’s response is pretty self explanatory. He doesn’t care, he’s actually just as bad as some of her clients. Abusive both mentally and physically. The psychotherapist can’t even provide herself with answers as to why she puts up with him but day after day, they’re still married. And she still wants to be his wife.
 The good doctor finally decides enough is enough and sets up a retreat to help her clients, or so she says. Everyone arrives, including her husband for a weekend of relaxation and healing. Only the good doctor has other plans for this rag-tag group; and in this plan healing hurts but if you survive, you’ll be all the better for it. With some help, the good doctor who is not really good any more goes on a killing spree and there’s a lot of killing that needs to be done. Psycho-Therapy is all about this shrinks version of pain for gain if you survive. This woman has snapped and God protect anyone she catches.  The dramatic aspects of this title describe one of the possible although super over the top versions of what happens when a psychotherapist finally snaps after years of listening to her patients. But that’s not what this movie is about, it’s about horror. Any person who digs classic slasher B-Movie titles will get the most out of this. Imagine hockey mask wearing, machete wielding Jason as a doctor and imagine the weekend retreat as Crystal Lake. You’ll get the idea. I really loved the last quarter of this title, from the time everyone arrives at the retreat. That’s when what you really want to see starts happening and the blood begins to spill. The rest is just filler and could have done with some extensive edits, mainly to shorten the lead time to the good stuff. It’s great to establish characters but in this movie, the characters are all basically meat. And there are just so many of them. Joshua Nelson’s film should have focused on a very small few for character development, and went straight to the slaughterhouse. Anyone interested in this movie is only going to be interested in the killing, and will probably know what type of movie this is. More time should have been spent on the killing, not the dark place of all the doctors’ clients, and her own demons. Another point of contention was the overuse of stock footage. Or what looks like stock footage. Going back to the intended audience, nobody cares about cars and buses passing or anything like that. Especially when you can clearly see the footage looks different.

 I dig this kind of film, and I was smiling when things really started heating up. For specific people, this movie is going to be awesome. For those looking for a deep story, you won’t find it here. The biggest let down was the excessive amounts of character development, or attempt at it. Joshua Nelson spent a long time trying to give this movie unneeded depth. It’s a B-Horror movie and once it gets to the ‘horror’ parts, Psycho-Therapy rocks!

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