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Hiding In Daylight

 Written by: Gregory G. Allen  |   Directed by: Cheryl Allison |  Genre: Drama  |   Length: 15 minutes
 Without sneaking around the issue, Hiding In Daylight sets out to tell a fictional story with a message and succeeds wonderfully.
  Cheers to a bright future. To the homes that look like a Hallmark greeting card, and the neighborhood you live in that’s picture perfect to say the least. Cheers to your perfect neighbors, and John and Jane who just renewed their wedding vows. What better place could you ask for? To raise children and start a family? Raise them to be upstanding, law abiding citizens! And cheers to the government listening device in every house, and the complete lack of privacy of everything; including your personal medical supplies and needs. And finally? Cheers to brutally enforced legislation that outlaws, what it considers deviant sexual preferences. You’re gay you say? Better hold out your hands now and brace yourself – because you’ll be in cuffs soon enough. This is the future Gregory G. Allen promises us with his short film Hiding In Daylight, directed by Cheryl Allison.
This title tells the story of 2 married couples who are living a complete lie. These double dating husbands and wives literally do, double date! Scott, Paul, Val and Linda are secretly gay. Hiding in plain sight with marriage as their disguise. The 4 meet up at regular times, for a seemingly “normal” dinner party for couples, so they can briefly be with their true loves for a short time. Being gay means instant arrest and yes, the local authorities are watching and listening. As this couple of couples, run through their usual “game” we hear brief stories of what has become of the world. The hate, fear and raids. It’s only at the end we understand the harsh realities of what the characters have been speaking of. I wish it were all an impossible pill to swallow but truthfully, the road towards “this” future is already being paved. In real life.  The war on gays is nothing new. It’s only in recent times that being anything but straight was not frowned upon by everyone. In earlier times, it could even get you killed. But we’ve moved on since then. Climbed out of the trenches toward a more enlightened disposition. Or have we? Hiding In Daylight completely ignores what many claim to practice in public. Acceptance. This title, cuts right to the chase and highlights what so many people still, in this day and age, believe. Maybe this title takes things to a level not seen since the dark ages, a level most say will never happen again. But it “can” and in some places still does. In the darker, not filmed sequel to Hiding In Daylight – it’s not hard to imagine this unfortunate set of couples will be taken into custody; and have the gay “beat” out of them. I shiver just writing that sentence – but essentially, that’s what this movie is saying. Something to think about?
Without sneaking around the issue, Hiding In Daylight sets out to tell a fictional story with a message and succeeds wonderfully. It’s a scary message, and one some people will dismiss as complete hogwash. It could never happen – would never be “allowed” to happen. On the other hand? If John Q Public continues to allow the slow erosion of rights and freedoms for all – who really knows? In the meantime, this was a smart, well acted micro budget film with an ending that may give some people nightmares. The message here? Enjoy this fictional short film now – and hope we are never blind enough to allow it to become a reality. 
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