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#ActorsLife: The Journey

Written by: Shumerria Harris |   Directed by: Shumerria Harris |  Genre: Reality

 Crying and sobbing over a body is how #ActorsLife: The Journey begins followed by a loud “Cut!” from somewhere beyond the sight of the camera. Someone is recording the happenings on set, and Shumerria Harris is the one acting her heart out. Instantly episode 1 reveals this is a documentary, and just as fast we find out it’s about the life of actors.

 Written and directed by Shumerria Harris, this series promises to dispel a few myths of the actor and reveal that being an actor looking for work is anything but glamourous. You need to work a day job, and you need to be able to audition constantly, all in the hopes you’ll score a role. Finding a job that is flexible enough to allow you to audition is probably very hard, and a night job would be ideal… if you don’t mind not sleeping. Shumerria goes into some detail on who she is and how she began her love affair with acting and also explains things like the different kinds of auditions, the hit and miss nature of the industry, and the series she started in 2014 titled Actors Life. Don’t be confused. Actors Life, from 2014 onward, is related to this new adventure, but #ActorsLife: The Journey is its own show and it’s a pretty good one. Whether you know your way around the industry or are just curious, there’s some excellent information promised by this new show, and if Ep. 1 is any indication, the sky is the limit.

 With a few clips from Shumerria’s past series, some candid interviews, and even a few bits of information from entertainment attorneys and production crew members, the spectrum #ActorsLife: The Journey may inhabit could potentially be quite large, opening up the show for more than just actors. This could end up playing a key role because the more information there is for different aspects of the industry, the more people this series will appeal to. Shumerria even goes into education a little, and that just because you don’t get a role doesn’t mean you are not a good actor. But what I really liked was how everything flows. The large amount of information doesn’t feel like it will explode your brain because of how it’s all edited together. If I had to complain about something? Some of the audio was a little overpowered by the music… but I’m nitpicking.

 #ActorsLife: The Journey will appeal to any aspiring actors but also has a lot to offer for non actors as well. It may not change people’s opinions completely about what an actor has to go through and do, but will for sure pave the way. Future episodes will probably continue that path, and so long as the show keeps its momentum, it could be a hit. I enjoyed it, so why wouldn’t you? Thank you for reading.

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