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Wade In The Water

Written by: Chris Retts |   Directed by: Mark Wilson |  Genre: Drama

 “Sure, our man has a name but he never gives it” is an odd way to start a movie description. But Wade In The Water does just that, something a little different. As this movie opens with the star ragging out a postal employee about the ridiculousness of its practices, we’re quickly brought up to speed on said man. He’s a little entitled, a little hot headed, and in desperate need of a head doctor so he can complete the required number of sessions; or he goes to jail. Our man is not a hero brandishing a cape, or really much of anything. He’s just a man. Our man. After the character introductions are in place, our man receives by accident a disc containing child pornography. Instantly we see and feel his visceral, gut wrenching reaction. The disc gets broken into shards and our man begins his mission of finding out who was ‘supposed’ to get the disc. First stop? The post office, as he Cloak and Daggers his way into finding out who the intended recipient is. Cloak and Dagger is not the best way to describe what really happens, since the same postal worker he freaked out is working. The cops are quickly called but instead of turning over the disc and information to them, our man has a better idea. He’s going to kill the pedophile himself.

The whole idea ignites a new sense of purpose for our man. He begins training, and bettering himself for the task at hand, and eventually, the time comes… and he pulls the trigger of his newly purchased gun. Over and over. He has become justice. He has overcome his fear and done the right thing. He also doesn’t plan to enjoy his good deed, and turns the gun on himself, but can’t bear to pull the trigger. No matter, nobody will care that a pedophile is dead. And they seemingly don’t, most of them. But when the pedophile’s daughter puts two and two together and finds our man, this movie takes a turn. It’s at this time I will stop writing out any spoilers because honestly? You should see what happens for yourself.

  The acting in Wade In The Water is top shelf. For a micro budget movie with such a dark story, I was amazed at how well the performances were. Not just from our man, but also from the daughter Tilly. It’s all captured in a very honest feeling way, but it doesn’t stop there. Even the supporting cast, the shrink, the postal worker, and the fast food guy all could be real people from your area. It feels very real and unscripted. It obviously isn’t, but that’s part of the charm.

 The look and sounds of the movie are also top shelf. Wade In The Water doesn’t look like your typical micro budget movie. Not at all. Most of all thought? The story takes a common plot and spins it in its own way. Excellent. I could have saved everyone a bunch of reading and just said to go see this film when you can. But what fun would that be? Wade In The Water is an excellent film and I give it 4.5/5 stars.

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