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Darkest Of Lies

Written by: Kelly Schwarze |   Directed by: Kelly Schwarze  |  Genre: Psychological thriller

In “Darkest Of Lies,” Travis (Christopher Brown) and Rochelle (Hailee Lipscomb) are driving through pounding rain to get to their new home. The house is on the corner of Woolfe and Shining St. Not a good omen I’m thinking. The couple has moved from a little apartment in NY to a way bigger house in Maryland, and Rochelle has a new job; she is a lawyer. Travis is a vet who served in Afghanistan, and also he is a sculptor. There may have been a back injury in the war that lead to pills and whiskey. Very little good ever comes from war, right? Rochelle is determined to turn Travis onto the joys of wine. Now, for the record, my wife does this to me all the time, and I just don’t like the taste, period. Neither does Travis. He prefers some good old whiskey. While she works long hours at her new job, he is home all day and night. Something’s going on in there, especially when the pool is involved. Perhaps he is back on the pills and whiskey? Or is something a little more sinister going on? They have some friends over for supper, and Travis just withdraws from the conversation, which is downright materialistic and patronizing. Clearly, Rochelle is the breadwinner here, and when they mention one of his galleries as being “like a hundred years ago!” It’s easy to dislike these two. They settle into a two-year lease and try to move on. A surprise visit from the owner of the house, Ian, who is Rochelle’s boss, sets Travis off the rails, and of course, the visions and the pills and the whiskey; it’s a real-time bomb, people. It’s also a really great movie!

Kelly Schwarze is someone to look out for. All aspects of the film are top-shelf work. There are also some really strong performances from the two stars of the film, without question. “Darkest Of Lies” never feels like it’s struggling to find its way. It just flows without a hitch. I give this movie 4.5 stars and highly recommend it. Thank you for reading.

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