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A Little Dead

Written by: Ben Richardson |   Directed by: Ben Richardson |  Genre: Horror

“She’s only a little dead” is a line from the film that has stuck with me. It’s such an odd, creepy piece of dialog it’s hard for it not to stick with you, and as far as horror films go, it’s a great line. In A Little Dead by filmmaker Ben Richardson, I was introduced to Jack C. Hays as the grandpa to Hailey (Eden McGuire) and Kevin (Ben Richardson). Grandpa is clearly still grieving for his deceased wife and seems to be in the throes of depression. Completely understandable.

Very quickly, however, Hailey begins to notice some unusual behavior… even for someone grieving. For example, Grandpa sets out three glasses of water on the table. One for him, one for his wife, and one for Rosa, who until recently had been helping him around the house. Currently, her whereabouts are unknown. As Kevin arrives, he also notices some strange behavior and finds some rat poison mixed in with the household cereal. Something strange is going on here, and the grandkids want to know what it is.

There is a great atmosphere throughout this short film. Being a viewer, I knew something was up, but the characters in the film play off of each other pretty well. The increasingly odd behavior from “grandpa” adds to the building tension, and although not overtly scary, A Little Dead really builds things up. I did notice that by the end, I wanted a little more. The payoff was worth the wait, but it still feels like there’s more to be said. The atmosphere screams to you that there’s more, but the “more” never comes.

Maybe labeling this film as a “horror” was a little bit of a stretch since there’s nothing really scary happening here… but nonetheless, A Little Dead was still an entertaining micro-budget film. I have nothing negative to write about it and only good things to say. I feel that this would be a great film for those who want to stick their toe into the horror genre and feel things out. But even for the more seasoned genre lovers, there’s still a lot here to enjoy. Thank you for reading.

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