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Two Little Boys

Written by: Farbod Khoshtinat |   Directed by: Farbod Khoshtinat |  Genre: Drama

 Josh ( Trace Talbot ) is about to get beat up again unless he can get away. As he hides in the school locker room another kid bursts in looking for him. While ducking who we think is just a simple bully, we notice Josh is holding a letter. The first words that stick out are, I love you. Something else to get bullied about? Not quite. As the bully moves away, Josh attempts his escape but is found by another kid. Bullies travel in packs, and Josh is caught. But this isn’t a regular run in with a school bully. There is much more to this.

 The film opens with some old video footage of two boys, and it’s the same two boys here in the locker room. In the old footage, we see Josh and Tyler ( Asa Germann ) playing on the swings, now things are completely different it seems. Josh and his friend Sam ( Jordon Kyle ) are there not to play, but to make a point, and “help” Josh take back something he told the school principal. Something that could not only get Tyler expelled, but possibly criminally charged. Josh has said that Tyler has raped him, and Tyler wants Josh to say he was lying. That letter I mentioned above? It plays a huge role in what happens next, and this is not a title with a fairytale ending.

  This is not a film for the faint of heart. Farbod Khoshtinat writes and directs a story that gets really hard to watch. We all say kids can be cruel, and this title doesn’t pull any punches in that regard. This is a tragic story of what could have been, and what actually happens. It’s tough, it’s mean, and it’s scary. The message is clear and as horrifying as any horror movie monster could muster. This is also something that really could, and probably has in one form or another, happened.  The clarity and framing in this film is excellent, as is the audio and everything in between. The look and feel directly impacts and helps tell the story, and the acting is also top notch. Heartbreaking would be a better way to describe it. When the film reaches its inevitable conclusion, we’re stripped of all hope for a good ending for the two boys. And the ending, concluding the “old footage” video is a disturbing but potent wrapup. This is no fairytale.

  All I can think to write next is, what a great short film. The content may not be great, but it does tell an important story in a great way. Two Little Boys deserves a standing ovation, and I have given it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to visit this movie’s website.

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