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The Arrangement

Written by: Andrew Hunsicker/Jake Hunsicker |   Directed by: Jake Hunsicker |  Genre: Horror/Thriller

 With her new golden badge in hand and the title of detective still settling in, Jessica (Jennifer M. Kay) gets called into a suicide with her new partner Harry Frick, played by Danny Donnelly. But very quickly things don’t seem to be adding up. There’s a photo of the victim which ends up playing a huge part in the story. Somehow, this all has something to do with the opening scene featuring Eric Roberts who is credited as The Pitchman. The “how” is the really weird part of this seemingly by the books detective story… but let’s move on.

 The picture of the apparent jumper is of her and a famous porn star/producer. Detectives Frick and Allison question the porn producer who quickly after, winds up dead himself. And guess what? Not only is it an apparent suicide but also another picture is found with a new person added to the mix. Very quickly, the two detectives get taken off the case and it’s given another who is known to steal and take credit for high profile cases. The apparent suicides and photos continue and eventually, lead to an older case and to Nick himself. Then there’s the final straw in which Harry’s new girlfriend appears in one of the photos, causing utter chaos for the final third of the film. The Arrangement feels like a cross between old detective stories and the film The Devil’s Advocate. To tell you how exactly that is would ruin the surprise… so sorry. No more spoilers.

 Some may not like the type of movie The Arrangement actually ends up becoming, and may just prefer a straight up cop film but for me, the hard left taken into the Twilight Zone was awesome. I did use the term “hard left” but the clues and leadup were there the whole time. You’ll be surprised but not shocked… if that makes sense. The characters in the film also manage to elevate this film considerably. I’m not talking about having Eric Roberts, I’m talking about just the characters in general. Some may be a little cliche and may feel like they could be dropped into a number of other cop films, but that’s half the fun. The Arrangement is one big exercise in misdirection, so having some of the character’s cliche really helps throw you off the scent.

 I can’t stress enough how much I liked this film. Through sheer will, the Hunsicker brothers have created a genre busting film that kept you guessing, felt like a genuine cop movie, and threw in the supernatural for good measure. And somehow it all worked amazingly. I might not be a celebrity reviewer… but I know enough to know what I like. For something a little different but also kind of the same, I recommend checking out the Arrangement. It’s got a little bit for everyone and is entertaining as hell. Pun intended.

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