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Trouble Is My Business

Written by: Tom Konkle & Brittney Powell  |   Directed by: Tom Konkle |  Genre: Thriller/Noir  |   Length: 116 minutes

You think you know micro budget film? Think again reader. Trouble Is My Business will have you questioning the rules of indie film – we all thought we knew.

 Disgraced PI Roland Drake (Tom Konkle) is all but washed up. Thanks to the horrendous outcome of a previous case, that was widely reported on, not only is Drake a well known failure – but he also can’t pay his bills. The gloomy office he operates from is essentially up for grabs. Maybe it’ll make a good coffee joint? Whatever the outcome, he’s seemingly all washed up. That is, until a beautiful dame requires his services finding her pops – and she can pay. Maybe things are looking up? Sensing something is not quite right, Drake finally accepts the case and as is mandatory in this kind of film, ends up in the sack with his client. The perfect start for a noir flick right? Indeed it is, but that’s not all. It’s when Roland wakes up to find his bed empty – save a lot of blood – things really start to heat up. Katherine the dame is gone and by the looks of things, it’s her blood he’s been sleeping in.

 Still not enough for ya? I should have mentioned it’s at this time her sister shows up – looking for her. It seems for Roland, Trouble really ‘is’ his business – and Tom Konkle and Brittney Powell have a hum-dinger of an art piece to show off. You think you know micro budget film? Think again reader. Trouble Is My Business will have you questioning the rules of indie film – we all thought we knew.

 The planning, costuming and overall design of this flick are really something. We’re transported back to a version of the 1940’s that has been painfully created using sets, standard locations and green screen effects. The scoring, although overbearing sometimes, crafts the mood of the film alongside some excellent cast portrayals. Some may see ‘slight’ traces of indie trappings, but most will probably think this was a very cool – modestly budgeted film. You may even recognize some of the onscreen faces! The tone is darned near perfect. Complete with dialog and one liners you simply know are coming. Trouble Is My Business sets itself up to be an artsy period film and doesn’t disappoint. I almost guarantee halfway through the movie you’ll be reaching for your favorite whiskey. If you’re not a fan of whiskey – it won’t matter. You’ll want one anyway because even if the story being told was complete garbage, most will still be entrenched in the film simply because of the look and feel. If that’s not enough for you, than the cast will ensure you stick around. It all fits together so well. But is the story itself garbage? No. It pleases me to say it is not. Trouble also happens to be a well written production. You really can’t go wrong here.

 If you’re not a fan of the hard boiled period piece, you probably won’t like this. But who isn’t? Any movie buff worth their salt loves this sort of thing, and Trouble Is My Business delivers what it has promised. Watch the trailer below and just see if your eyebrows don’t raise a little. Recommended? Yes.

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