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Black On Both Sides Sankofa

Written by: Alonge Hawes |   Directed by: Alonge Hawes |  Genre: Drama

 John Redding is shot and killed by the police department as he eats at home by himself. As expected, this blows things up and gets the audience ready for the season. Meanwhile, Anansi Moor (Alonge Hawes) prepares to be fired from Legacy Wireless because of his activation scam in season 1. He doesn’t want to be fired, and uses his sales numbers to convince Cyrus (Scott Piehler) to give him one more chance. Cyrus does, but with a demotion.

 Henry Gil Scott Heron (Julian Robinson) explodes on his podcast discussing John and demanding the police footage be released as Anansi comes up with a new way to beat the Legacy system. It’s a smart idea and since Anansi is still the boss of the sales floor, it can be done. Meanwhile, Lilith (Schelle Purcell) is sent in to do some recon for Cyrus, during a rally about John Redding’s death. During a meeting, Anansi has a small slip in from his normally quiet and calculating personality when people are discussing the BLM movement, putting everyone on edge briefly. Things are heating up in the world of Black On Both Sides, and Cyrus asks Anansi to help Lilith with her speech. He reluctantly agrees.

  Shortly after, Henry has a physical confrontation at work with his new boss, forcing Anansi to smooth things over using blackmail and Cyrus, gets an unexpected visitor at his office. The purpose of this visit is to paint a different picture of Cyrus, and show us viewers that he’s done some pretty bad stuff himself in the past. This season of Black On Both Sides Sankofa closes with Anansi formerly deciding to get involved in the rallies and protests with his company, Sankofa Industries.

 Season 2 starts almost right where season 1 left off. It consists of 5 episodes all of different lengths and focusing on racism more than anything else. Season 1 was more about Anansi and his attempt to get some cash to start his new business venture, and to some extent Henry Gil Scott Heron’s podcast. Season 2 comes in more with the racism issues.

  The acting of season 2 is still top notch, maybe even better. But the production quality remains about the same. As long as you know this is a low budget series, you should be fine. More than fine actually because Alonge Hawes directs some really fine episodes. Black On Both Sides Sankofa strives to contain much more of an emotional wallop this time round. The subject matter is much more on par with what’s going on in the real world, giving the audience much more real life emotion to draw on. But under it all is still the characters we’ve come to enjoy watching, and there is still a climbing to power story. The season so far ends on another cliffhanger so I’m expecting the rest will be coming soon. This season, season 2, starts off a little shaky but quickly finds its pacing and gets to it. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

 Chapter 6, 7, and 8 conclude Sankofa, and the show hits the ground running. Cyrus dreams of days gone by. To a time he still carried his badge before him, and his new partner got in some hot water. When he wakes up, he finds Lilith awake, wondering why they haven’t been trying for children. Cyrus’s response is anything but soothing. We then learn more about what happened regarding the shooting of Anansi’s father, and his new idea for Legacy Wireless. Things then shift to Henry Gil Scott Heron working on more personal angles for his show, and Anansi visiting the cemetery where his father is buried. Sankofa Industries finally decides on a direction and to get involved 100 percent. Meanwhile, Cyrus secures a deal that will make Legacy a true contender for real greatness. On the verge of having a flattering story written up about Cyrus and Legacy, a huge demonstration is staged just outside, and the reporter is present to catch it all. Anansi finally has executed his final move, and in a quick speech, reveals his true identity and the identity of his father to the reporter. Cyrus has gotten away with murder for long enough. By this point, the last episode is beginning, and the reporter is completing her story and digging more and more into Cyrus. It’s all over for him and Legacy. His old partner is going to talk, Lilith leaves him, and even Joseph quits. We also learn much more about Cyrus’s past, and Anansi informs his friends that they are finally done. They can “clock out” now. The final conversation between Anansi and Cyrus works well to close off the season, and aside from wrapping up the characters in a nice way, Black on Both Sides is pretty much wrapped up in the final 35 minute episode.

 I believe this may be it for Black on Both Sides, but you never know. The main story has been told. From inception, to planning, to completion and these final episodes have been an excellent viewing experience. The whole series has been a good one, but the ending was well worth the wait. I kind of hope there will be more at some point in the future, but also know that every story has to end. Alonge Hawes and his group have brought to life an excellent show, and I really look forward to what lies ahead. Thank you for reading.

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