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Holding These Moments

Written by: Ricardo Cozzolino. Dan Elswick |   Directed by: Dan Elswick |  Genre: Documentary

 I was never into the hardcore punk scene or moshing. I was more the nerdy type, so aside from the occasional outing with friends way cooler than me, my experience with this genre of music is pretty limited. But I can relate to a good stage show and lots of energy, something Holding These Moments is really expert at showing off. This is a music documentary about a band named Bane, and it doesn’t hold back from showing viewers what music is all about.

 Right from the start back in the mid-1990s, this band was building its success and featured shows where both the band and the crowd would sing along as they had what looks like crazy fun. The documentary is full of clips and photos that prove what a great time these shows were and the band played on. As some old quote says. Bane went on until 2016, an incredible 20 years of performing and touring all over the place! This documentary tells their story but also the story of the members and the fans. One big family as they often say during this film and there’s lots of footage and interviews to confirm that. Under Dan Elswick’s direction, this film is a treasure of information and even emotion, especially if you’re a fan of Bane. But anyone who loves music or documentaries, in general, should feel right at home watching this film.

 This is a documentary with a lot of depth, and the one thing I noticed about going so deep is the two-hour length of the movie. Unless its a big Marvel movie or summer blockbuster, two hours is a long time. Most documentaries are not even close to that because it just becomes a blur after a while. Especially if it’s a topic, you’re not all that familiar with. Holding These Moments has a lot to tell. Stories of the band’s inception, to record labels taking a chance on them. Burnout, dealing with the end of something that was huge in your life, and even regrets are all topics talked about. So this is an information-heavy film, and I feel it should have topped out at an hour and a half max. This is all personal opinion, so keep that in mind.
Holding These Moments
 was a good movie overall, even if it felt a little long. It looks good and ‘doesn’t’ have that independent feel I’m used to seeing. This is a movie that would look right at home on any cable network and something to be proud of. Making movies is hard, and this is especially true for documentaries. The amount of work sifting through footage and connecting everything must have been crazy. But it paid off. This was a really good movie. Thank you for reading, and you can find links to connect with this film below.

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