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Trapped Inside

Written by: Usher Morgan |   Directed by: Usher Morgan |  Genre: Horror

 A girl is laying peacefully in the bathtub, or so it seems. It’s when she emerges, gasping that we realize she has almost drowned. But that’s not the worst of it. She’s not alone in this dreary bathroom. There’s something in here with her… there is right? Things seem sort of back to normal now. Was it a dream? It’s when the woman sees herself in the mirror, getting stabbed, that we the audience know where this story is going. Maybe not know exactly, but enough to know that Usher Morgan, the filmmaker behind Trapped Inside, plans to scare the pants off of us.

 This short film is full of scares both jump scare type, and creepy atmosphere. We get glimpses of an older woman, we get glimpses of pointing demons that could be the girl herself. All in the name of scaring this movie’s audience. But at the very end, when the old woman is revealed to actually be the one being tormented, we get one final scare. Trapped Inside knows how to set you up and knock you down, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

 Running at just under 10 minutes, there’s not a lot more I can write without completely spoiling everything that makes this film cool. But to say this film is unsettling is an understatement. It’s claustrophobic, it’s tight, and it’s creepy. There’s a blue color throughout that excellently paints the woman’s situation as the bleak one it is. But where Trapped Inside really excels is the sound design. You’ve heard this design before when watching your favorite horror flicks, but just because you’ve heard it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. And it works great here. Also worth mentioning are the demons themselves. Or ghosts, or whatever you call them. One scene near the end, featuring a crowd of these demons is especially scary.

 Trapped Inside doesn’t reinvent the horror genre, it pays tribute to it by creating a short horror film that may be a tad confusing, but goes for the gold when it comes to scares. And not all the scares are jump scares either, atmosphere plays a huge part. This isn’t a film for the faint of heart and will make most people jump. IF you think micro-budget movies can’t be scary, think again. 4.5/5 stars and thank you for reading.

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