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Egg On Your Face

Written by: J Parkhill |   Directed by: J Parkhill |  Genre: Doc / Comedy

 Blaise Durrant ( Quentin Bruno ) has finished school and gone to college. But that life doesn’t appeal to him. He wants more and is good at making eggs. So, he decides he’s going to go from good to the best when it comes to the fine art of egg creations. Blaise will become an egg chef, and be the best there is. After learning everything about an egg, around 5 years of work, Blaise has mastered the art and is ready to go into business. He applies for a business loan and gets turned down because the clerk can’t fathom how he would ever make money. She tells him to come back when he learns how to apply for a business loan, and adds in that she can’t tell the difference between what he wants to do, and a waffle house. With his tail between his legs, Blaise leaves and tries to figure out what to do next.

 With his friend, he samples some of the local breakfast options available, and hates them all. Garbage he says, but what can he do? Will Blaise ever get to live his dream? Will he ever get to become known as a master egg chef? Egg On Your Face is Blaine’s documentary; and it’s all fake. A fake documentary about an aspiring egg chef? If it all sounds a little weird it is, but it’s also really good and really funny.

  If everything wasn’t enough, did I happen to mention Blaise is french? Why does this even matter? It doesn’t really, except to demonstrate an exaggerated take on a cliche french chef. Cooking eggs no less! It’s all pretty funny and is done so well that sometimes, I forgot I was watching a micro budget movie. Some real care has been put into making Egg On Your Face look and sound like the real McCoy, even though it’s 100% a fake documentary.

 I don’t really have a lot more to say, what more is there to say? J. Parkhill’s short film is funny and it looks really good. If you’re the type of person who loves watching documentaries, and loves watching comedies, this may be your ticket. Even if you don’t much like watching documentaries Egg On Your Face would probably still make you smile, because it’s all fake. And it’s easy to see that. I would recommend this comical little venture and give it a 4 star review. Thank you for reading.

Egg on Your Face (2020) Trailer #1 from J Pax TV on Vimeo.

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