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The Rise Of Sir Longbottom

Written by: Clay Moffatt/Mackenzie Clark |   Directed by: Clay Moffatt |  Genre: Action

  Opening up with a good old game of capture the flag is a great way to set the tone of the movie and introduce, or reintroduce us to the main players in The Rise Of Sir Longbottom. Pocketman And Cargoboy 2. It’s all fun and games until things go back to the daily grind. In this case, home school. But things have not been going well for Section 62. A new threat (actually, an old threat) has been making quick work of the agents lately, and as Jayden (Ben Edwards) whispers to himself… a storm is coming.

 With a new curriculum focusing on arch enemy Sir Longbottom (John J. Berger), Section 62 is determined to be ready for his inevitable attack. Until recently, he’s been dark for around 30 years but is now back and means business. As other agents gather in preparation for an attack, Longbottom is spotted in the area, and along with Jayden, Pocketman and Cargoboy go to find him. It doesn’t end well. Sir Longbottom easily defeats them and takes control of Jayden’s mind. Things are not looking good for the world, but maybe an old friend can set in motion a working plan of attack. Maybe.

 Clay Moffatt directs a film with a very large scale story. Full of martial arts fight scenes, science fiction plot points, and even humor help push The Rise Of Sir Longbottom from beginning to end. The fight scenes are pretty cool to watch but sometimes look a little strange. I’m pretty sure the camera is sped up for parts giving some fights a surreal look. I did like the story, especially when it introduces the source of Longbottom’s power and even the time travel parts that make up the latter half of the movie. On the flip side, there were some really pronounced audio pops during certain scenes in the film, the worst being the scene where Jayden goes back in time to see agent Decker (Wayne Lundy) and eats the memory erase gum. But I can say with confidence that the movie, in general, is pretty good and what was accomplished for a micro budget film is pretty spectacular.

 This was one of those movies I went into with the highest of hopes, and wasn’t let down. The Rise Of Sir Longbottom is an action packed adventure that is a fun ride. It even has some really cool special effects. If you enjoyed watching the original, you should have no problem falling into this one. Thank you for reading. 3.5 / 5.

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