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Fear Actually

Written by: Kyle Sullivan |   Directed by: Sassy Mohen |  Genre: Comedy / Satire

 Pennywise the clown jumps out in a single burst of terrifying concentration, and the girl on the couch doesn’t even notice. Doesn’t even flinch. The terror of the evening news is far scarier than a growling, dancing clown in her living room. It gets worse, this not terrified woman is this clown’s girlfriend and she’s breaking it off with him. He just doesn’t scare her anymore. What’s a sad clown to do?  Therapy. As Pennywise makes his way to a meeting he encounters the devil who is also not having any luck in the fright department. His victims literally feel bad for him and hand this poor, homeless devil some money. It’s like this for all your favorite horror movie monsters, they just aren’t scary anymore. At least not as scary as the likes of Trump or any number of things going on in the world today.

  At the group meeting a motley crew of ghouls and baddies are all feeling sad, discussing documentaries on serial killers and generally feeling down on themselves until finally, we get a glimmer of hope. Pennywise’s ex-girlfriend is at his door feeling bad for him. In a selfless gesture she allows him to scare her, and screams. Maybe there’s still hope for our lurking anti-heroes but I know one thing for certain… Fear, Actually is an awesome short film! Maybe it’ll make you even take a trip down monster memory lane and watch some old DVDs.

  Laughing and horror go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Our favorite horror films usually have a string of comedy within, unless it’s a die hard horror movie. Watching Feat Actually reminded me of that. Although this is anything but a real horror movie, the characters are there and seeing Pennywise the dancing clown pay a prostitute so he can scare her made me laugh like a crazy person myself.  It’s also sad though. To think that our world has become so F*ed up that it’s scarier to watch the news or read the paper is a joke in itself. But Sullivan as the writer of this short film keeps things light and funny. Even though in reality, there’s nothing funny about it. This film is full of jokes, but the hint of reality keeps it grounded. Still, the premise of this film is funny and you will laugh. Especially if you’re a fan of horror movies.

  For the awesome idea, for putting some of my favorite creeps in the same room, and for actually being funny I rate Fear Actually with four stars. Hearing the blood drenched Carrie say, “They actually helped” was priceless. This is what independent film should be: fun, funny, and not taking itself incredibly seriously. It also happens that you can watch this movie for free. The links are below.

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