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The Crafty Irish

Written by: Pauric Brennan |   Directed by: Pauric Brennan |  Genre: Documentary

So what’s in your fridge? Is it one of those beers that are now as common as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s fries? Or is it one of those craft beer choices that are so much more trendy than the offerings from the big boys? The Crafty Irish introduces us to four brewers of the crafty nature, and yes, they are all Irish. But even if you’ve never touched a drop of beer or prefer the harder choices from your liquor store shelf or a good glass of wine, there’s still something here for you to enjoy. That something is storytelling, and The Crafty Irish doesn’t cheap out on that.

Pauric Brennan, who wrote and directed this film, does an excellent job getting things going but doesn’t expect a quick trip down the rabbit hole. This film is almost two hours long, and even though there are a lot of stories told in the movie, it’s also reasonably technical. Not so much that anyone who pays attention can’t understand… it’s more like will the audience want to? If you’re not into craft beer or beer in general, this more than likely won’t be a film you’ll want to see. 

The Crafty Irish is for a niche audience for sure, and if you’re into brewing in any way and have a passing knowledge, you’ll no doubt really enjoy this film. But a two-hour production for anyone not interested in beer or craft beer is a hard sell. I’m somewhere in the middle. I enjoy a good beer and even purchase craft beers for something different from time to time, but I was really grateful for the personal touches in this film—the stories. The reasoning for doing what these guys love, the essential non-existence of indie beers in Ireland, and the technical details are all subjects in the film, but it’s the more personal details that kept it going for me. There’s also something to be said about the struggle against the big brands that keep things interesting.

It’s not technically perfect, and it’s a little long-winded, but don’t let that stop you from giving The Crafty Irish a go. There are some really good segments, and I especially enjoyed the context of the film and not the pandemic, the struggles arising from Covid-19, and the business. I would recommend this film to anyone who’s into craft beer. Real craft beer. There’s also a lot of good info for anyone who has considered upgrading their equipment, as it seems to be the way it all starts. 3.5/5 stars, and thank you for reading.

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