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The Life We Make

Written by:   |   Directed by: Padrick Ritch / Dylan Stryznski |  Genre: Doc

  It all starts with the pursuit of happiness, the American dream. The Life We Make is an interesting movie because it’s a film telling the stories of travelling artists trying to etch their way in life, told by an artist in the form of an independent film. Who better to capture the ins and outs of doing your own thing, than people who are doing just that? Padrick Ritch and Dylan Stryznski have created a fly-on-the-wall look at the lives of nomadic artists selling their works at various art shows across America. This is what they do and it’s not all fun in the sun as I’m sure you can guess. The Life We Make is an art fair of the people behind the work. These are their stories.
 The numerous people interviewed and followed in this film share with the filmmakers, and us, what it’s like to create, travel, and share/sell their works. We’re not just talking about the fair life, we’re talking about their personal lives as well. Complete with a little bit of bickering here and there and general home life. Overall though, this documentary is a very inviting one. It’s not a lecture on the crappy way of life a 9-5 job is, but instead zeroes in on why these people do what they do. Why their art is so important; even if nobody happens to be buying at the time. The Life We Make is about just that. The lives behind the arts, the people behind that wooden or plastic table surrounded by weird and wonderful pieces of art. No off-the-line factory pieces here; only honest to goodness inspiration made real much like this film itself.  One part life on the road film, one part creative inspiration, and a whole bunch of personal stories make up this film. It’s really hard to write about a documentary because once you type out what the topic is, you’ve actually written half of the story. I believe the project leaders know this because this film is story driven, people driven. The art and lifestyle is a core story element, but there is so much more. We get glimpses of various art fairs, we get glimpses of the creative process and we get glimpses even of history; all held together by the artists themselves. Their relationships and the way they took on the 9-5 normality of the world with their own flare. The Life We Make zips by and before you know it it’s all over, Much like life itself.
 I can’t speak for everyone when I write I loved this movie, but at the same time, I know a market for this film exists. Television is hyper saturated with home improvement shows, craft shows, even makeup and designer dress shows. It’s all about reality, design and yes ladies and gents, art. People are really eating this type of content up as fast as it appears. Banking on The Life We Make being a success seems a great bet. I really liked this film, I think you will as well.

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