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Written by: David Teixeira  |   Directed by: David Teixeira |  Genre: Horror  |   Length: 12 minutes

 A woman cares for her mother and prays she will get better. Or probably, just not suffer as much. She is deeply, deeply religious. One day when walking in the woods, grief stricken, the woman comes across an old hag that claims to know what’s wrong with her mother. The hag gives the woman herbs to help and she returns home. Later, with no seeming improvement the woman runs out into the woods again. Keeping up with me here?
 The woman is then confronted and attacked by a demon thing. The ‘Ouroboros’ I believe it’s name is. After the woman is tortured, she comes back to life. As the demon itself, or a vessel for the demon or a zombie. That much isn’t as clear but one thing I do know, the woman comes back to life. Then she bends over backwards and smiles. That’s it. The basics of this short film from David Teixeira. If it sounds a little strange you are completely right. I’ll write more about that below.  This short film has some excellent set pieces, looking like it’s set in the early 19th century. It also happens to be very atmospheric, and for that reason alone is why I gave it a 2.5 stars, It’s creepy and watching it make me feel really uneasy. This is a subtitled film so maybe some of the translations were off a little. But some of the dialog sounded strange. One part, the woman replies with the word: Seriously? People use this term a lot today, but not back then. If a statement was made and someone said seriously; there would be confusion. The sound is also very iffy. From OK to bad and back again, and the edits themselves are very jumpy. Not that bad though. MATER is still OK to listen to and watch, and the demon voice is really scary. What bothered me was the plot. Why would a deeply religious woman give up so easily? And what does the woman’s mother have to do with anything? Maybe I don’t understand the mythos this is all based on, but if you took out the woman’s mother, and just had her walk in the forest and meet this demon, it would have made more sense. A random thing. The whole story about this woman’s sick mother just made no sense to me. Why was it even there?

 I also didn’t really understand the ending. Was the woman the demon? Was she possessed? Was she actually dead? I didn’t get it. Clearly she came back to life after a zillion stab wounds, but as what? Overall, this short film was creepy yes. Did it make any sense to me? No. Is it still worth watching? Yes. Because it’s creepy and if you like that thing, you’ll like this. MATER is a strange horror movie that does creep you out. But if you’re looking for a story to go along with it, this isn’t the place.

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