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Written by: Seth Kozak  |   Directed by: Seth Kozak / Damian Veilleux |  Genre: Drama

 Catalina ( Katarina Morhacova ) is taking a trip much to the dismay of her husband. The weather isn’t going to be all that great and he worries about her. At least that’s what he says because the truth is that he’s hired someone to kill her. Her leaving on that night throws a wrench into his plan, for a few seconds. Her trip and eventual layup in a remote hotel just may work to his advantage. He contacts the killer with her destination. Apparently, it won’t be a problem. He’s close.
 Catalina checks in and very quickly we’re introduced to another shady guest. The killer we presume, and so does Catalina. She’s not a stupid woman and has suspected all along what’s been planned. The night at the hotel is a tense one, with Catalina expecting at any moment, this creepy man will finally reveal his hand and make his attempt. She even dreams of him but come morning, she’s still alive. It’s at this point we learn the deal with the creepy dude and find out there’s a lot more going on that we at first thought.  Rendezvous sets up its story and overall feeling quickly before moving over to the hotel for some tense buildups. The flow of the film is put forth nicely and the slow build is really effective. My favorite scene is the one where Catalina ends up being asleep, but it’s a great scene and totally adds to the atmosphere. Katarina Morhacova fills the role of a strong, modern woman nicely, and our killer for hire is perfectly unusual. The twist ending was a little predictable, although I think its the only real way the film could have been wrapped up in it’s limited length. It was still nice to see, that someone who thought he was so smart ( Catalina’s husband ) wasn’t near as smart as he thought he was. On the credits page, it says Catalina’s husband was a congressman. This fact could add a little more depth to the story, but I don’t remember hearing that fact anywhere in the film. So, if it’s not mentioned in the film why is it in the credits? Just adds some confusion because it makes Rendezvous seem a little more political. Did I miss something?

 This was a good short film with some strong performances from the leads. The location was perfect for the story, the setup worked and the conclusion, although predictable still functioned as it should have. This is the type of movie you turn to when you don’t have a lot of time and want some solid entertainment. Good job and thank you for reading.

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