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The Korean From Seoul

Written by: Steven Whatmough |   Directed by: Steven Whatmough |  Genre: Action. Comedy.

OK. So this guitar-playing weird guy gets hired as head of security for Chandlerdale Exports which is a company that is a pretty big deal in this film. The job comes with all the perks such as being able to drink all the time on the job and a great office… although a little sunken. The new head of security, Nam-Hong (Steven Shatmough), looks like a perfect fit for this diverse company because even the boss William (Ben Carew) likes to tip a few back himself. Actually, his preferred drink of choice is hard liquor, but we won’t hold that against him.

 Chandlerdale Exports has a big rival, well, maybe a rival isn’t the best way to put it, but there’s definitely a war going on, and the crazy train craziness that follows is, well… crazy. I did use the “train” pun on purpose because it involves one of my favorite scenes. But The Korean From Seoul is definitely a strange movie. If you like watching people drink a lot, fight, and try to prevent the shipment of smuggled cereal, you should find this enjoyable. If you are looking for a more solid story, The Korean From Seoul may not do it for you.

This movie really is crazy. It’s a mix of hand-held and static, but it’s really hard to describe what this actually is. It’s listed as experimental, and that is exactly right. Even the audio is strange, reminding me of B-films from years ago. There are even animations and a full-length music video that is kind of animated as well. I believe that Steven Whatmough was trying to be funny but also keep the people watching on the edge of their seats. It worked, even if it’s only to keep you guessing what craziness is coming next.

 This isn’t the kind of movie you can really describe in detail except to say it’s… unique. The Korean From Seoul is not one of those outright comedies, even though there is some outright comedy in it. It’s also not really an outright action film because a lot of the action is… kind of funny. Comic book-like. The big picture plot in itself is funny, but there’s also a sense that this film is a satire of some real-life issues. If you’ve got that “silly” sense of humor, you will probably enjoy this. I did.

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