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Written by: Tim Earnheart  |   Directed by: Tim Earnheart |  Genre: Action, Horror, Science Fiction  |   Length: 11 minutes

 Ana (Gianna-Marie) awakes after what looks like one hell of a party. She’s at her father’s house and the first thing I noticed was the lack of people. For what looked like such a blowout, I half expected some to be passed out somewhere. But wait! There is someone else here. A young girl (Corrie Fleming) just happens to be bound and gagged, in the family safe room. As Ana cuts the girl free she is warned. They’re here. Yes they are. 3 masked intruders have entered the house. And they mean business.
 Ricochet looks like a standard home invasion film featuring some really, really cool masks and a pounding back-beat. The sound effects are built into the score just as the music and Earnheart’s short film really rocks from start to finish. But wait! There’s more! Ricochet is not your typical invasion title. This is action and sci-fi hitting hard and in all the right places. The actual story is a tad confusing, only because it looks like a scene from a larger movie. But what we do have is really polished and Tim Earnheart has no issues pounding that feeling of excitement into ones bloodstream. The larger science fiction questions are answered, such as who the young girl is; but there are plenty more that go unanswered. We do get a clue, in the form of a picture at the end, and any fan of the genre could probably piece together the basics. But truthfully, you watch this title for the adventure along the way. The story is just the slice of apple pie at the end.  For those who love a good one liner within an action film, Ricochet’s got your back. It may look modern and sci-fi-ish but felt completely like a 1980’s B movie, B action movie at heart. That suited me just fine. Having fun creating something that could be considered pretty dang violent, is the mark of a great filmmaker and cast. The sounds and fast editing felt perfect here, and I loved the physical and practical aspects of the title. Some of the blood effects were very weird looking. But others felt just right.
 Ricochet uses all the tricks. Sound, slow motion, great costumes and even those one liners. Combine all this together and you get a really satisfying experience. Just take a look at the pictures provided here, or the trailer. By themselves, you get a good idea what you’re in for. And Ricochet doesn’t disappoint. Very cool and deserving of a thumbs up. Thank you for reading.

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