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Boy in the Corner

Written by: Joshy Lee / Luciano D’Amato |   Directed by: Joshy Lee |  Genre: Drama
Reviewed by Rick Murrin.

Angst is the feeling of dread or anxiety, especially about the world around you. Teenage angst is probably the worst. Myles is a teenager living in a low, low-middle-class family home with his sister and single Mother. Life is very hard as piles of overdue invoices are piled up in the mail. At supper, only two people are eating (the children). The Mother says she ate earlier, but it’s clear that there isn’t enough food for all of them. Myles has two buddies that he hangs with. They manage to scrape some change for treats at the corner store and skip stones in the lake. They hang at the top of a mountain, scream at the top of their lungs, and listen to the echo. They also shoot hoops at the local court.

Myles is approached by a local small-time gangster named Jaime. Jaime lures Myles in by complimenting his basketball skills. Jaime has an awful lot of visitors coming and going. Could it be that he’s just such a popular guy? Ummm no!!!! He’s a drug dealer, of course. He takes a real liking to little Myles, who he likes to call Little man. He gives Myles a few bucks. Back home, there’s a new man at the house, and Myles is not impressed with his Mom and the new guy. She goes out on a date, and Myles has to look after his sister. He’s a really great big brother and clearly loves his little sister.

By now, Jaime and his gang have got their hooks into Myles. Pick up a bag here, and drop off a bag there. Really hard for a young kid to resist, but his friends start asking questions. They don’t know he’s hooked up with a gang. Their friendship grows and grows. Now he’s hanging at Jamies, listening to tunes, playing video games, getting a super cool haircut, and getting a whole new wardrobe, straight off the truck, I’d imagine. Back at home, we meet a cool guy who has been sent by the school to examine why there have been several fights after school. Teenage angst people. No big surprise that Myles wants no part of it. It’s way cooler to be hanging at the local dealers’ house with his hot girlfriend. He’s given a burner phone and a knife to keep with him, just in case.

It’s pretty obvious to his Mother that her son has more money than she does. A very heated confrontation ensues. Myles is getting too big for his ego, and his two friends are not having it. Slowly his world starts to unravel. Can he pull it together? Did I mention that this film is shot in black and white? I love black and white movies!!! I was worried that the length of this film would be a little much, but I was totally into the whole thing. It’s shot like it’s a reality tv kind of thing, but it has great cinematic moments. Joshy Lee is a great writer and director. “The boy in the corner” is an excellent piece of work. I give this film four stars. Thank you for reading.

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