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Texas AF

Written by: David N. Reyes |   Directed by: David N. Reyes  |  Genre: Comedy

Aah, to be young again….remember that feeling of having no responsibility except to have maximum fun. To get a call out of the blue from one of your buddies telling you there’s a party tonight – dude! Flaco and Eddy just got one of those calls. Well, Flaco is chatting with his buddy through a game on a headset, and Eddy is crashed out. In my time, the call came in on a phone with a call display, but the point is that a call came in. After some convincing, Flaco convinces Eddy into going – as long as their friend who’s inviting them is going to be there. Do you remember crashing a party? They were the best ones. This party is also a costume party. No, it’s not Halloween. The lads slap something together, and off they go! Their friend who invited them is a no-show, but they decide to go in. Music, dancing, lights, girls and drinking, and more drinking. Flaco strikes up a conversation with a pretty young girl, and they appear to hit it off. Then she takes off from the party with her friend. Major bummer. The girl is only known as Texas Tea, and Flaco is determined to find her. Meanwhile, Eddy gets a girlfriend, which makes Flaco a wee bit jealous, and while this is all happening, COVID is looming on the horizon, and it’s almost shutdown time. If you’re over the age of, say, five years old, you remember the shutdown, right? I guess I should mention that this is a buddy movie. The two lads Flaco (Donato de Luca) and Eddy (David Allen Barrera), are a perfect fit. This film made me feel a little sentimental about the days when I hung out with my buddies. In my books, that is great work. David Reyes has created a cool friendship that works really well. I want to know where these guys will be in the future. It’s totally professional work all around. The whole cast is wonderful. I highly recommend this film, and I look forward to future work. Four and a half stars out of five. Thank you for reading.

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