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Director: Nicholas De Fina   |   Writer: Nicholas De Fina
Genre: Comedy   |   Length: 80 minutes

Animation. The spark of creativity with no physical limits. In theory this opens the doors for some really amazing stories. Epic science fiction narratives, remarkable dramatic productions and even dangerously funny fictions that leave physical reason at the door. In the world of today however, technology has made animating a story much simpler than the individually hand drawn strips of days gone by. This has opened the gates for more than a few ridiculous and really, really bad shorts and features. The mind set now is simple. I can do it, so I’ll throw something together and say I’m a movie maker. Maybe try and shock people into liking my animation, or just have some random characters doing random things. So where does this leave “LeSeurdmin” on this grand scale of animated poop to supe? Thankfully, it weighs in pretty high. Nicholas De Fina, who wrote and directed this story went the required distance, and actually scripted a funny well thought out story. No. This isn’t one of those world changing titles. This is a comedy that takes a no holds barred path to success. A little vulgar, a little insulting at times but completely funny. You see: “LeSeurdmin” actually has a decent story it follows. Decent in that it’s meant to be a well written joke. A clear start, a grounded middle and of course, the climactic final battle. As far as super hero stories go, this one fits the bill as good as the next with one difference. “LeSeurdmin” is not shy in any way. Do you like graphic violence? It’s here. Do you like vulgarity and shocking scenes? Here as well. This title just happens to actually be good. Not some slop-job Youtube video. Even the most stone faced people will find something funny here. That’s the truth.

Picture yourself on an alcohol fueled bender stemming from a bad breakup. Now imagine going on said bender while wearing a lizard costume, because that’s all your “former other half” left in the closet. One thing leads to another and BAM! You think you’re a super lizard with “Marvel” like abilities. This is the premise behind “LeSeurdmin” and it works wonders. Featuring some unusual bad guys like an “odd” hit man. A “Goonies” inspired thug teaming up with a MR. T wannabe and their sister, all plotting with the dreaded boss of bosses: The Grillmaster. You’ve got a brilliantly funny setup just waiting to be exploited. How you ask? LeSeurdmin’s ex-girl is kidnapped and our lizard man, drunken hero must save the day. See? I told you there was a story. It may not sound like much but it works and is paced perfectly. Crazy, yet set up in a believable way, for a cartoon that is. What more is there?

Don’t let the look of this cartoon fool you. The great thing about independent productions is that they don’t have to look like a “Disney” picture to be good. Any fan of adult themed cartoons will probably enjoy this title a lot. The story, the animation and yes, the sound is all top notch. “LeSeurdmin” is a movie that is not meant to be taken all that seriously, and simply aims to please. By far, one of the better movies I’ve seen this year coming from the indie film world. Hell, it even rivals many of the brand name productions that have come my way this spring. That’s saying a lot when you consider I’m not a huge fan of animation. For any lovers of Family Guy, Futurama or even the Happy Tree Friends, you’ll end up laughing your ass off at certain points. I almost guarantee it. For the rest of us, there’s still plenty here to sit back and enjoy. Nicholas De Fina brings us an animated winner, all day long.

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