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Written by: Angela Koh |   Directed by: Angela Koh |  Genre: Documentary

Angela Koh releases her short documentary to the world, and even though it’s not anything we haven’t seen or heard before, it’s a good take on the LGBTQ community and the more conservative countries. In Taboo, Angela interviews Luke and Joey about what it’s like being gay and being Korean. Also touched on are the differences between western cultures. In short, Taboo is a real and frank conversation piece which was exactly what I was expecting.

Starting off with the history from Luke’s perspective, discussed is when Luke first realized he was gay, his first crush, his parent’s reaction, and how being gay is looked upon by his country. Conservative views are briefly explored, but the focus mainly remains on Luke and in the third part of the documentary, Luke’s partner Joey. It’s all very “matter of fact,” and although not surprising, it was good to see and hear a perspective that was not quite as westernized. Overall, Taboo was an informative short film that was easy to get into and over before you know it.

There were some issues I had, mainly when writing about the audio. Some parts were hard to hear, and at some points, especially during an interview with Joey, the music was so loud it was tough to hear what was being said. There was also some choppiness in the editing that made parts feel jumpy. But overall, things looked pretty good.There’s not a lot to be said about a 10 minute film. You’ll either like it or you won’t, but in my case, I thought it fared pretty well. A slightly different view on things always equals a good show, and Taboo is no different. I did have my heartstrings pulled a little when the topic moved to feel like a side-show, and I know what it’s like to be different. I find that Angela Koh’s film is a great reminder that different is normal and that we’re all human. 3.5/5, and thank you for reading.

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