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Mind Leech

Written by: Chris Cheeseman |   Directed by: Chris Cheeseman / Paul Krysinski |  Genre: Horror

The film opens with two shady dudes pulling up beside a lake. They crack open a couple of beers, as so many of us have done, and then pull out a canister that looks like it contains something toxic. They also happen to mention that they are being paid by ChemCorp to dispose of this toxic waste. They then proceed to spray paint over the label and toss it into the drink. When it fails to sink to the bottom, they decide to blast a hole in it with a sawed-off shotgun. Probably not the best of ideas … but this “is” a horror movie, after all. A strange smoke arises from the canister as it sinks down. I’ll say it again, perhaps this wasn’t such a great idea – Oh well. It’s just another Friday.

Skip ahead to winter, and two buddies are getting ready for some ice fishing and, of course, some drinking. It always comes down to the booze, right? They’re using a fish detector which has an eerie beep when fish are around. They are also filming using a very large camcorder. Oh, this film is set in 1998 when those suckers were huge and recorded straight to videotape. One guy heads out to relieve himself and continues filming while his buddy in the cabin gets a bite. A very large bite. It appears that the lake has been infested with a brain-sucking leech that has attached itself to one lad’s head – causing him to attack his buddy and take off on a murder spree. Oh my.

Meanwhile two local cops are called to the scene, where they discover the body. The film takes on a bit of a “Fargo” vibe from this point on. And let me tell you, I’m not complaining one bit about that. “Mind Leech” continues as two cops enjoying a nice and easy Boxing day when all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose!!! Just as you were expecting, weren’t you?

“Mind Leech” is not a very long movie, and to go on would be entering into spoiler-city territory for sure. If you like brain-sucking leeches causing humans to brutally murder each other, then this is your film, my friends. The whole mind-controlling parasite thing may not be something entirely new – but there is a reason a classic idea becomes a classic. It’s a great, workable concept. This film also has some excellent acting all around, especially when you consider it’s a micro-budget movie. “Mind Leech” also has some great car chases, which are perfectly edited to pack a nice punch. This is definitely a horror film, both visually and spiritually—a surprisingly good one. I’m hoping that “Mind Leech 2” is in the works because I have a feeling that they haven’t cleared those things from the waters. Those bloodsucking bastards! I want more! I have no problem giving this film a four-star review. Also, a shout-out to the creators for a sequel. I’d be in. Thank you for reading.

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