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Burnzy's Last Call

Written by: George Gilmore |   Directed by: Michael del Avila |  Genre: Drama/Comedy
Reviewed by Rick Murrin.

I first noticed how retro it looked when I started watching this film. I’m talking about the look of the film itself as opposed to the actual style of filmmaking. It was as if it were actually filmed many years ago, and, of course, the reason for that was because it WAS filmed many years ago. 1995 to be precise. This “Burnzy’s Last Call” is the 2022 director’s cut – and it has been shortened to 46 minutes from the original 85 minutes. That’s quite the edit!It starts with a wonderful David Attenborough spoof comparing a watering hole in Africa to a watering hole in Manhattan. “Burnzy’s last call” is about a day in a bar, from opening until, literally, the last call. In the film, Burnzy is an elder statesman who clearly calls this joint a second home. The bartender is Sal – a Hugh Jackman-looking dude. Everyone knows a Sal, right? If you have ever watched “Cheers” way back in the day, this film is very similar. Of course, it was most likely filmed around the same time, and the style is apparent. Absolutely no complaints from me.

There are quite a few big-name actors that make appearances which took me by complete surprise and actually put a silly grin on my face. As if I’d just discovered a hidden treasure or found $ 20 in an old coat. I won’t name everyone, but a central character is Michael Rispoli (Jacky from the Sopranos), who plays a cop who drops in for a pint after a tragic call. All kinds of characters pass in and out through the day and night. Gangsters, Filmmakers, Businessmen ( Chris Noth from Sex and the City), and of course, a couple of lovely ladies. The biggest thrill for me is David Johansen or Buster Poindexter to some (New York Dolls). This film just screams New York!!! Oh, did I mention how much I love New York?

I don’t have one negative thing to say about this really cool slice of Manhattan life. Everything about this film was truly great, in my humble opinion. If you’re into the old-school feel of cinema or a fan of yesteryear-styled television, then this one is definitely for you. I give “Burnzy’s Last Call” an easy but well earned four out of five stars. Thank you for reading.

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