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The Last Five Days: 10 Years Later

Written by: Clay Moffatt/Adam Berardi |   Directed by: Clay Moffatt |  Genre: Thriller/Horror

Chuckie Sanders (Clay Moffatt) is living in the shadow of his deceased brother, who, a while back, went internet famous because of a video. Now he has returned to the scene of the crime to grab any belongings before the house is torn down. Nobody really wants to live there anymore, and although it looks pretty good, the better investment is to simply demolish it. This is how The Last Five Days: 10 Years Later begins, and it isn’t long before this found footage movie begins to find its stride.

The visit to the house goes the way you expect, and Chuckie meets up with a detective that was also invited in to have a look around. We learn the Chuckie wasn’t very close to his family and just didn’t feel like talking all those years ago when police officials tried to get into contact with him. But Chuckie begins a hunt that doesn’t end all that well for him. He wants to learn exactly what happened to his brother, and 

The Last Five Days: 10 Years Later is the edited together footage of what he finds. Yes. I did say found footage. Clay Moffatt’s film follows the format perfectly. The protagonist, Chuckie, is recording and even comments that he’s not a good VLOGGER throughout the movie. Eventually, a second camera is added to the mix, but mostly, this film explores the ins and outs of Chuckie’s day(s). I’m not sure if it’s because of the pandemic, but I’ve been seeing a lot of found footage movies lately, and that’s good. It means that everyone is not just sitting around watching content. People are still making it.

Eventually, Chuckie gets to a rental cabin much like his brother did all those years ago, and it’s here that the supernatural elements really begin. The Last Five Days: 10 Years Later keeps itself pretty tight lipped about what’s actually taking place, and the film is more about the road from point A to Z than any quantifiable story. But the “character” aspects of the story are present, and the “unknown” supernatural elements are what keep things interesting. But is it enough to keep you interested for the entire length of the movie? That will rely on how you take in found footage movies.

This was a movie that was better than I thought it would be and if this style of film is your jam, The Last Five Days: 10 Years Later is sure to please. It’s got the mysterious story and some believable acting, and that’s usually what makes a film good or bad. As far as I know the movie releases on July 7th, and we’ll update the links at that point. 3.5/5 stars, and thanks for reading.

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