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Clown Car: A Love Story

Written by: Alan Wood |   Directed by: Alan Wood  |  Genre: Comedy

Everybody loves a clown, right? Well, except when they live in a sewer or are John Wayne Gacy. Pocket the Clown happens to live in an RV in Jiggles the Clown’s driveway. She has been banished from the High Clown Council, and something tells me that this High Council will probably be a pretty easy bunch. When a mysterious envelope is left on the windshield of Pocket’s car, they are left a little worried. Is it a letter bomb? Anthrax perhaps? They decide it’s time for a road trip!!!! At this point, I realized that I myself have not been on a road trip in a long while. Man, I love road tripping!

However, this trip doesn’t go very far. We are introduced to a man named Hardcore, and Hardcore looks like he could be in Magic Mike. Pocket is quite taken; Jiggles comments on how sad it is for a grown man to have a fake name. Hello!!!!!!! Hardcore seems to be a little shady, however. As it turns out, Pocket is looking to make a love connection with this dude, but it seems he may not be on the up and up. He’s lost his wallet and needs to get to an ATM right away. This is not exactly a great first date. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into by hooking up with a clown.Jiggles is clearly in love with Pocket and doesn’t really like Hardcore. So it seems we have a case of a third wheel. Jiggles sings a lovely tune Clown Car on a ukelele, of course. Ah!!! Clown Car a Love Story. Now it makes sense. Pocket convinces Hardcore to don some makeup and become Hunky the Clown for a kids’ party. I really think there’s some heavy life lesson here regarding relationships. I will leave the rest for your enjoyment and focus on the film itself. Honestly? It’s actually a really, really funny film. Well written, and even the editing/pacing feels bang on. It also doesn’t hurt that the acting is pretty decent, especially for a micro-budget film. Totally professional work all around – which is weird to write, considering this is a film about clowns. I give this film four solid stars… or four solid honks of a clown horn. Thank you for reading.

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