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Kings & Queens

Written by: Melissa Martin |   Directed by: Elmer J Howard |  Genre: Drama

 Kings & Queens lets us follow along with Lucy (Emily Kokidko) as she attempts to find herself after moving in with a friend. A job search on her laptop brings her to a local bar where she applies for a job and is at first turned down. Nikki (Melissa Martin) doesn’t think she’s up to the challenge but eventually decides to give Lucy a shot. Lucy may not be experienced, but as Nikki says, she looks like she could really use the chance.

 On the first “test” night, Lucy is introduced to a regular event at the bar. A drag show featuring numerous drag queens, and drag kings. Lucy is captivated and can’t seem to stop staring at the stage. Yet she still does good enough on her first night to be offered a job at the bar, and she happily accepts. We also find out that Lucy is a lesbian, and that the friend who is letting her stay with her is her ex-girlfriend. Harper (Sara Brophy) is more than happy to help out a “friend,” but things get icky when she brings home another woman, putting Lucy in that “three’s a crowd” situation. Lucy decides to move out after an emotional scene.

 During this time of dramatic change, we’ve also been witnessing Lucy’s desire to find her alter ego. Her king. Youtube, the local thrift store, and even some of the patrons from the bar all help out. But it doesn’t end there, and Kings & Queens is also guiding its audience through Lucy’s life, her parent’s feelings on her sexual choice, and the inner need that is fuelling her desire to become Jason Love, her alter ego. There may be a few funny moments in this 20 minute film, but it doesn’t forget its dramatic roots.

 People change as they go through life and Kings & Queens uses this fact as a dramatic backbone. It’s not just about being gay or about the drag scene; it’s about finding yourself in the confusing thing we call life. There are some great scenes that feel music video inspired, and overall this was an excellently produced and directed short film. The cast and crew have all done their part to make this a memorable film, and Kings & Queens feels tight and polished. If you’re looking to take in a good indie drama, this one comes highly recommended. 4 stars.

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