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Music From Undeterred

Written by: Joseph Villapaz  |   Directed by: Joseph Villapaz |  Genre: Music  |   Length: 1.5 minutes

  According to the almighty iMDB and Joseph Villapaz himself, Undeterred appears to be an upcoming project that clearly is a musical of sorts. A science fiction musical I’m guessing. It’s a good guess because this clips that was sent my way is under a minute and a half long. A snippet containing pieces of two songs sang on a rooftop and in a studio. The songs seem catchy and very musical-like. Not much different than anything you’d hear listening – or watching your favorite show tune. The songs are definitely not something you’ll likely hear on the radio. No top 40 alternative rock or hip hop here. These are pieces that belong on stage or onscreen.

 The numbers themselves are not very alien like. No beeps or pops or weird vocal styles, but that doesn’t really mean anything as there is nothing to stand them up against as I listened. Are they performed well you’re probably asking – and I would have to say yes.

  I couldn’t glean much of a direction or style from this quick film as it seems more like a screen test. It’s pretty much a point and shoot affair. But, knowing a little background on the project has really got me interested in where things are going. The poster art is kind of cool, and how these catchy little jingles are going to fit into a sci-fi setting has got me curious. I’m thinking the story will be something along the lines of: Alien meets guy and falls in love – something that was not supposed to happen. But that’s all guesswork.
 Not much to see here but enough to open the doors to curiosity. The songs and singing are good, colorful and interesting. Even if it’s only a taste of things to come. Looking forward to following along with Undeterred and when they become available, I’ll post links. Thank you for reading.

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