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Rocky Mountain Fast Guy

Written by: John McElroy / Randy Wright  |   Directed by: John McElroy / Brett Jones |  Genre: Drama / Comedy

 Guy Montaine (John McElroy) loves to belt out a country tune, almost as much he loves writing them. After obtaining some loot from a robbery gone wrong, Guy is forced to not only run from the law, but also some nasty criminals. After escaping prison, Guy begins his dream journey to Nashville to become a star. On the run and with pretty much nothing but his guitar promises to be one adventure after another, and in that sense, Rocky Mountain Fast Guy is a huge success. For the quintessential independent road trip movie with a definite 80s or 90s vibe, you really can’t go wrong with this micro budget adventure.
 Although not terribly unique, that doesn’t make this film any less enjoyable. Even the independent nature of this title lends itself well to the story. This is pretty much every road trip film you have ever seen, with a country music twist and a cast of lovable characters. McElroy’s character Guy is the picture of a bumbling and unlucky guy. That person we all know that trouble just follows. Although presented onscreen with a bit of an ego, that’s understandable and one of the few “realistic” character qualities in the film. The balance of ego and that “teddy bear” touch make him, by the end of the film, very well-liked. This film features a huge cast and all of them are different enough, and well played enough to all add something to the film. Even the criminals have their moments, they know they are criminals. There’s no attempt to justify their existence.  Also worth noting is the musical nature of this title. Rocky Mountain Fast Guy is a road trip film at the core of the script, but it’s all based on music. An area of the film that was not lacking in the quality department. It just may be, that many of the songs featured in this film make the film worth watching, even if you’re not a fan of the genre. From just riffing out and jamming with someone Guy has met on his journey, to studio sessions and outright stage shows. Rocky Mountain Fast Guy takes its soundtrack seriously and I loved that about this film. Music is a language anyone understands and this title is full of it.
 Although a little rocky at times, and maybe a little longer and more indulgent than it needed to be, Rocky Mountain Fast Guy shakes off some of the dust with some great tunes. Other than that, it’s a typical road trip country music adventure with an ending that surprised me. This is definitely a title worth a look for those on the fence and if the roads on the way to Nashville don’t exactly suit your fancy, you can always buy a copy for the soundtrack.

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