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Written by: Muhammad Holmatov |   Directed by: Philip Brocklehurst |  Genre: Horror

 It’s just before 3:00 AM and something is coming, waking a sleeping man in the wee hours of the morning. Something sinister that anyone would either run screaming from, or investigate. The man in this film decides to investigate and see what’s what. As he explores his house things get even scarier and using various camera lenses Haunter shows the viewer that something is definitely there. This is no dream or just some scary sounds in the night.

 Taps turn on, chairs move out by themselves, and a small jukebox seems to be the source because once it is turned off, everything stops. Including the crazy scary music that is responsible for the jump scares. Maybe things are OK after all? Nope. No way. Things are not fine and after an exploration of scariness, a knife slowly lifts from the knife rack on its own and floats mid air. What happens next is something you may want to find out for yourself by watching. This short film is not even 10 minutes long, so it’s easy to pick up and watch.

 Haunter was written by Muhammad Holmatov and directed by Philip Brocklehurst. It relies heavily on audio for its jump scares and uses small spaces and seclusion to get under your skin. There are some effects and blood but it’s all mainly saved for the ending. I did find myself wondering what they used for moving and opening drawers and stuff. Fishing wire? Whatever they used, it added a nice bit of polish to a quick project.

 I really liked what they did with the jukebox, making you think that things were over with the push of a button, before getting you with one last big event. The addition of the clock, showing just how much time had passed was a nice touch as well. Haunter keeps things tight and simple in order to try and get an emotional response from whoever is watching. The heightening of your nerves makes the ending that much more potent. I do know this. If I ever get woken up at 2:59 AM I am forcing myself NOT to get out of bed until after 3:00. Thank you for reading.

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