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Another Version of You

Written by: Motke Dapp  |   Directed by: Motke Dapp |  Genre: Sci-Fi / Romance

 Diggsy (Kristopher Wente) has a problem. The love of his life just got married, and not to him. This semi-cliche opening starts off a chain reaction that has him opening doors to other dimensions. And going through them in search of the love he lost. Maybe because he simply never took the initiative, or she really wasn’t interested no longer matters. Somewhere, in some alternate universe, there has to be a Suzette (Sara Antonio) for him. A chance to get it right and start over. This is all done via a key that opens any door with a lock; into an alternate dimension. The catch? He can never go back. As Diggsy travels through worlds and meets alternate versions of himself and everyone he knows, he quickly realizes that this isn’t going to be as easy as he thought. In every world is a different version of the people and life he knows. The worlds themselves range from only slightly different, to completely off-the-wall different. And yes reader, that includes things like Will Smith starring in The Matrix. Whoah.

 Generally speaking, it’s all pretty entertaining. Perhaps some of the alternates were a little unusual to watch, but overall there’s some pretty amusing stuff thrown in here. For Sara Antonio as Suzette, an opportunity to show off her acting ability was a real pleasure to witness. From the down-home sweet girl straight through to the wild part side of her that could have been. Another Version of You is full of what could have beens. From his sister Daphne (Brittany Belland) figuring out she’s gay, to Diggsy’s constant meetings with Gwyneth (C.J. Perry) who seems very similar in each dimension. The reasons for this become evident later on, but we’ll leave that for the viewer to see.

 All in all, especially for a lower budget indie film, this title plays almost without a hitch. It definitely doesn’t look the part of an indie film, that’s for sure. Aside from feeling a tad long by the ending, the movie glides across your screen and yes, there are some funny parts. Overall however, this is a romance with a science fiction twist. And… although not totally in your face, there is some darkness here. Some very horrific potentials that kept running through my head. Mainly with the fate of the second-last Gwyneth, and possibly that of the thuggish party goer earlier in the film. Again, keeping things spoiler-free I won’t go into details, but once you see – you’ll know what I mean.

 The truth is this. I’m not huge on the romance film, but I definitely enjoyed this movie. The writing is smart, the cast are all excellent and it’s just flat out entertaining. As an indie film it really lets it’s viewers know what can be done with a little hard work and a lot of heart. A solid four stars and if you really enjoy a good rom-com, maybe a 4.5. Thank you for reading.

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