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Spin the Wheel

The Apocalypse. The end of the world, right? And yet, does everyone really die? Are there little pockets of us that are somehow lucky to survive whatever impending doom was cast? Perhaps some of us could make a deal with someone? Oh, I don’t know who that could make a deal like that… let me think – could it be SATAN himself! So many people seem to have so much more in this world that you have to wonder if there aren’t shady deals going down at the crossroads with the red man – all the time, right?

So “Spin the Wheel” starts with a lovely lady named Eve leaving her office job in New York – and the world is clearly in big trouble. There are fires everywhere, looters – even a cop is seen looting. Things are an utter mess. What else is there to do while this is all going down than visit the local watering hole for a last toast to humanity? Sounds good, right? The place itself is a cool little club that has a bit of a Twin Peaks vibe to it. The TV is on the news reporting that Paris, Berlin, London, and other parts of the world are gone! Apparently, the world has about 90 minutes left, and the reporter says he will stay on the air, drinking until the end. There are other people in this bar as well. A banker, a trucker, two stoners, a porn star, a transgender person, an angel, and of course, where there is an angel, there surely must be a devil. Hmmm…

At first, the devil appears to be nothing more than a drug dealer as he fixes up our obnoxious banker with both heroin and coke. Hey, it’s the end of the world, right? Oh, might I add that the trucker keeps turning off the news to watch pop videos, and Eve does not like it, so a battle for the remote ensues. At one point, a kind of Threes Company type show comes on with all kinds of sexual innuendo. I got a good laugh at this whole scene. Now reader, the devil always has something up his sleeve, and at this point, he offers a deal to everyone in the bar—a friendly little game of Russian Roulette. I’m glad they threw in a nod to the Deer Hunter because anyone who’s seen that movie can never forget that scene. The deal is more time on this earth or eternal damnation. Now I can’t help but think that more time on scorched earth would be quite gloomy, and I just may join the banker by ingesting as much alcohol and contraband as I can.This movie has a very interesting plot, along with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. At one point, everyone wants to know why the devil would choose ordinary people to play, to which he explains that he already owns the souls of the rich and powerful. A ha!!! I knew it!!! Well, at least I like to think that’s why they’re rich and powerful. But little details like this make “Spin the Wheel” nicely entertaining. Now if I tell you more about what happens during the game, I would be spoiling this whole movie. I really enjoyed this film, by the way – as if that wasn’t already clear. A really cool twist on the Apocalypse genre, but what’s even better? All the actors play their parts really, really well. There are some really funny moments as well as real heartfelt drama – all of which couldn’t have been achieved without some great talent in front of the lens. I say Bravo to the whole team. I wish I could just spill the entire movie, but that would be a little unfair to anyone reading this who hasn’t seen it. A job well done all around. I give this movie four solid stars! Thank you for reading.

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