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Green Cobra

Written by: Chris Valdez / Patrick Tamisiea  |   Directed by: Sigurd Culhane |  Genre: Drama / Comedy

 2 guys drag a man across the floor on a chair. We immediately know that whatever comes next will not be good for him. It’s the end of days but surprisingly, it’s not from the thugs who set him up and leave. It’s at this point a woman walks in who I can only describe as ‘Valley-Girl-ish’ chatting on her phone and dragging some luggage on wheels you know if not clothing. As the woman changes out of her street clothes and unpacks, we instantly get the idea. She is a hitwoman and the tied-up man is her mark. Lucky him.

 As the Green Cobra (Colleen Foy) ends her call, her full attention is given to the mark. The man in the chair (Patrick Tamisiea) is clearly scared as the Green Cobra goes to work with a nail gun. It’s about this time that the film at hand switches to a documentary-style piece, and the Green Cobra is being interviewed by a documentary crew. With the man in the chair in the far background. Among asking if her face would be blurred out, she goes about answering questions and the action switches back to regular movie mode. This back and forth continues through the entire film and surprisingly? It works well.

 The Green Cobra has some funny aspects to it. These exist side-by-side with some rather gruesome torture techniques. One, in particular, involving a piece of re-bar is particularly cringe worthy. But in between these ‘techniques’, the Green Cobra chats with her victim, all before the inevitable ending. Colleen Foy herself is excellent and really helps this very fast film move along at a break-neck pace. I loved her outfit by the way, and I’m not talking about her killing clothes. You really get a sense she loves her work and even though she says so in the documentary parts, it’s nothing compared to actually watching her work. I only wish this film was longer.

 I’ll admit I was completely taken aback by this short film. After reading the details surrounding its creation, a test of skills if you will, I really didn’t expect much. Maybe that helped my overall impressions but the truth is that this film looks great. It sounds great and it is very funny in a sickly kind of way. As I already mentioned, I wish it were longer. Thanks to the cast and crew for some truly entertaining minutes and thank you for reading.

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