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Written by: Daniel James Dismuke |   Directed by: Daniel James Dismuke |  Genre: Horror

In case you were wondering, disingenuous means a lack of candor or to “pretend” to know less about something than you actually do. If I was to use it in a sentence, I could say, ” OJ was being disingenuous about the murders of his wife and her friend” or ” George W. Bush was being disingenuous about the events on 9/11″. Ok, I’ll stop there. In this very, very short little film, there has been a death – perhaps even a suspicious death? Maybe a suicide? A girl (Rachel Alladin) is talking with an alternate version of herself, and she is clearly upset over her friend’s death. Understandable on pretty much every level, right? Yet one version of herself is saying that she has nothing to do with her friend’s death, but her “real” self seems to have doubts. Apparently, she must be complicit in some way because she feels that “someone” is coming for her for some kind of payback. It’s an interesting concept for such a short film to tackle. “Disingenuous” does a great job with it. It’s at this point that it becomes very hard not to give away too much more because this little film is only around six minutes long. What I can say is that it is most definitely a horror film and that the last couple of minutes are really quite terrifying. From a technical point of view, the camera work is done well, with some very good editing thrown in for good measure. The pacing is handled nicely, and I really enjoyed the cool vintage soul song that’s used – and then kind of mashed up a bit which is always effective in horror movies. I would have enjoyed a little bit more to bite on here, but Daniel James Dismuke gives a cool little teaser of this horror show that I would love to see expanded upon. I give it four stars out of five. Thank you for reading.

Disingenuous Teaser (Concept Short, Horror) from Daniel James Dismuke on Vimeo.

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