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Double Zero

Written by: Pat Bradley |   Directed by: Pat Bradley |  Genre: Short / Thriller

.This awesome short film starts with 2 women discussing what’s going to happen to them when their boss gets hold of them. Olivia ( Caroline Anderson ) and Die, short for Diana ( Vivian Belosky ), are both criminals, and they’ve messed up a job and are left holding the bag for their boss’s money. Unfortunately, their boss Alvara ( Jamie Ragusa ) is known for her ruthless tendencies, and although Die hopes they may be forgiven (somewhat) for their screw-up, Olivia has her doubts.

 As the duo is called off the roof to potentially meet their maker, it’s revealed that their boss has the ability to see what they’re doing. Probably a G.P.S. device or something. The next time we catch up with the 2, they are being held and interrogated. Alvara’s henchmen, Ray ( Casey Sullivan ), are eager to get the torture started, but Alvara has other ideas. A friendly game of Russian roulette. If she doesn’t get an answer, she believes the trigger has been pulled. Sounds like a pretty grim scenario. But as always, with these kinds of movies, all is not what it seems.

 This was a really great short film with huge potential to continue the story of Alvara and the seedy underworld introduced in this film. I’m not saying that this movie is groundbreakingly different from similarly plotted stories, only that the interest level here is not only maintained throughout… but I was left wanting more. The acting, from all the cast involved, was top-notch. From the reaction of the trigger pulls by the actors to the sinister musings and outright defiance… it all felt so real. Hell, there’s even a bit of comedy mixed in, especially at the end, before the vibe shifts completely. For a micro-budget film, Double Zero feels large and in charge… much larger than it probably was. The story is pretty nifty, the acting is great, and the vibe fits the onscreen action perfectly. I really hope to revisit this world again someday, but as of right now and as a standalone film? Everything works right and tight… I only wish it were longer. 4.5 stars. Thank you for reading.

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