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Written by: Konstantin Pivovar |   Directed by: Konstantin Pivovar |  Genre: Drama

  Paintless starts simply enough with a visit from a priest. It’s not hard to imagine one of many reasons a priest would make a house call, but in Konstantin Pivovar’s short film, the reason is quite different than you would imagine. The girl (Anna Greene) needs permission from the priest (Graham Jenkins) to perform one of the grave sins. Suicide. You may be wondering how a priest could give permission for such a serious offense to the church, but Paintless offers a reason. A unique one.

 In this film which is set sometime in the very near future, the presence of God is no longer something for only the faithful. God has been proven to exist, and so does an afterlife. The church has taken it upon itself to allow for suicide if permission is given. Of course, the circumstances must meet church requirements, and an investigation must take place in order for the suicide to be sanctioned.

 Paintless follows that “investigation” as the priest tries to ascertain if the woman is worthy of such permission, and for her, things don’t seem to be going well.   This really is a smart short film; The entire concept is something that I can’t remember seeing before. Just imagine the impact the proof of God would have on the world. Not just for the faithful but for “faith” itself. Imagine the shift in what people would do and how they would change. This is the backbone of Paintless, and although this short title only brushes the surface of the potential implications, it does so with pizzaz. I won’t go into all the details of the short film, because you should see it all for yourself, but this film has a lot to think about within its 20-minute length.

 Excellently produced, a great story, and two performers who are excellent. What more could a person ask when considering what short film to watch? You could launch entire conversations about the premise with no problem at all. Paintless was all around a great short film, and I would highly recommend it. Thank you for reading. 4.5 stars.

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