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Mark of the Butterfly

Written by: Chris Carter |   Directed by: Chris Carter |  Genre: Drama

For those who remember the television hit House, Lupus will sound familiar. Season after season it this devastating illness was used as a running gag of sorts but let me tell you this. There is nothing funny about Lupus, and this is not an episode of House M.D. by any means. Instead, Chris Carter’s short film Mark of the Butterfly shines a light on a disease that may not be as common as Cancer but is brutal and seems to target women more than men.

Sarah Myers is an accomplished and rising star within the court system. In the film, she gets promoted to the state district attorney, and to anyone on the outside looking in, she has everything one could hope for. Unfortunately, Sarah also has Lupus and has been living with it and hiding it for fear she would stall or kill her career. Lupus is a disease that slowly takes over, making her job an impossible one to do when the disease is in full swing. As she says in the film, Lupus is not like other diseases, and at first, you can’t even tell a patient is sick. Mark of the Butterfly is about Sarah’s life dealing with this disease. It is for those suffering as a place to find hope. You don’t have to suffer and give up your life; you can still live. Hope. Mark of the Butterfly is about hope.

There are some great speeches in this film, but the one at the end is really great—a powerful montage to send people off and keep the message of this film in your mind. The progression is simple. Everything is good for Sarah, and she’s going to clean up the state, the devastating news, and attempted denial. Finally, the power to inspire becomes the cornerstone of the film. It’s all used to good effect, and the acting is pretty great, especially during the more powerful scenes. The film is cut with television style clips and at times has a reality based look that works well for the movie.

As a micro drama, Mark of the Butterfly is a pretty great film that is both sad and inspiring. Especially after learning the actual statistics. Sarah Myers, as a character, is a strong but very human character. Most people will easily be able to follow her lead as the film progresses. Check out the trailer below and bookmark if needed; this is one of those independent movies you don’t want to miss. Thank you for reading.

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