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Autumn Never Dies

Written by: Andy S McEwan , Chris Quick |   Directed by: Chris Quick |  Genre: Comedy

 Opening a puppet themed film at a funeral may be considered in bad taste. But for Autumn Never Dies, it’s the perfect way to set up an attitude and feel for a film. This is not a film for kids, and right away we’re informed of that. The comedy theme hits twofold almost immediately, with a misspelled wreath and a joke ( trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible ) before our main characters head home.

  Danny ( Duncan Airlie James ) heads out for one of his therapy sessions relating to the previous film, The Greyness Of Autumn and later on, he meets up with his friend Nelson ( Chris Quick ) at a pub for game night. It’s at this point Danny meets Lizzie ( Nicolette McKeown ) and the two end up in bed together… that’s right… a puppet and a human. In this version of Earth, Andy S McEwan and Chris Quick have written, puppets and people coupling is as normal as peanut butter and jam. Danny and Lizzie are on the verge of having a happy relationship, and everything is going most excellently, until his old girlfriend Katie ( Amy Ebbutt ) enters the fray. Katie is the reason Danny is in therapy and he’s forced to again confront his true feelings for her. What will happen next? Will Danny choose Lizzie or Katie? The story all sounds so potentially serious and although it has serious themes, it’s still a raunchy comedy. Something the writers don’t forget.

  This short film is a sequel, but the story is pretty self explanatory and I don’t think seeing the original would add a whole lot to this story, but if you can find it go and check it out because it surely can’t hurt. Once you get past the puppets, and have laughed at the jokes a bit, you also begin to notice that the characters are also really well developed. They feel like they really could be best friends. It’s all in the onscreen banter and chemistry. I never thought I’d write that puppets could have chemistry but Nelson and Danny do. As for the human connections, no matter how serious things potentially get, it was still weird for me… but devilishly funny.

  Weird, interesting, and funny. These three traits overthrow the occasional weird scene or situation. This title is really funny but also really well done. It’s not a crazy expensive feeling but has a way about it I can not really explain. I like to say things like, this may not be for everyone whenever I come across something a little different. But for Autumn Never Dies, I think the majority of people will get a laugh watching this. I recommend looking this title up for sure, and thank you for reading.

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