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Low Low

Written by: Nick Richey  |   Directed by: Nick Richey |  Genre: Drama  |   Length: 90 minutes

  Low Low opens with 4 friends at a big bash. 4 high school friends. As we’re introduced we quickly find out that these are not your posh and uppity teens. This is a real party, much the same as any party happening at any moment. We also realize that in this title, our kids are up to far worse than any parent hopes. Booze drugs and sex are the themes here and Low Low doesn’t hold back the punches. Things quickly escalate as another teen enters the fray but she’s not there for a good time. She’s there for revenge because one of the 4 friends has slept with her boyfriend. Big mistake.
 This party isn’t what Low Low is all about. Directed by Nick Richey, this title is about the actual lives of these 4 friends. Their lives right before they graduate into official adulthood. College or no college and a good life versus a mundane our outright hard one. With movies focusing on teenagers as a whole, this one sticks to the 4 friends who all happen to be woman. Their friends and families and the choices they’ll need to make to better their lives. Or make them worse. Richey also has no fears when telling this story. This title may be a fiction, but it could be real life. No tip-toeing around the way teens are today but it does make you wonder; are things really this different now? Probably not but with social media and a possible lack of control from the parents it sure feels that way. Low Low is a crystal clear window for us to watch. See things for what they really are. Teens are human. They want to have fun much as I once did. Maybe the lens of my memory is cloudy but I don’t remember things being quite this party like. Low Low is not only an eye opener, but it’s a really well done one.   Life beyond school is a big part of this film, but actual life in school is almost as big. We only get to see the end, but somewhere we understand that this is what it’s always like. Should us older people think it was any different? I remember being that age. Nothing mattered until it did. Even then, I always thought things would work themselves out. No matter what I did or what mistakes I made. It would all work out. I think this title made me think that everyone thinks like that. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how much I party – things will just work. The young are invincible. Low Low isn’t just about the internal struggle. It’s also about the outward battle. Boys, grades and even sexual abuse are touched on in this film. Parental mistakes passed down the family line, and even the thought process of those adults. This stuff is all told in this film in a really real way. The acting? Brilliant! Low Low’s troupe could easily hold their own against almost anyone I see in the movies or on television today. Whoever was in charge of the casting did a wicked job.

 Low Low is the very definition of what you can do with some effort and hard work. It’s a film that if you happened to accidentally find on your TV, you would have no idea it was an indie. I really hope this title is promoted and promoted like there’s no tomorrow because it’s something people should really see. Even if it’s only to kill an hour and a half of your day. I almost guarantee that anyone who starts this film will watch it until the credits roll. It’s that well done. Thank you for reading and I highly recommend this title.

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