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War of the Wills

Written by: George Dondero / Bethany Browning |   Directed by:George Dondero  |  Genre: Horror

An estranged father (Steven David Martin) and son (Kot Takahashi) are brought together by the death of their father/grandfather. It is stipulated in the man’s will that they are to spend 29 days in the same house together – if they are to receive the house and money, which are worth a few million dollars. They are not allowed to leave the house – at all, and a pair of security guards are on a rotation to watch the house 24/7. In “War Of The Wills,” it’s very clear that there is no love between father and son. Hell, the grandson has never even met the grandfather. That says volumes.

Now let’s talk about the house. There are piles of boxes everywhere. Some of the boxes belong to the father, who must have lived in the house. The disturbing part is the hundreds of bottles that are scattered all through the house – containing notes as if they were going to be cast into the ocean at some point—the old message in a bottle routine—interesting and kind of creepy at the same time.

So, as the movie’s title suggests, a battle of wits ensues between these two men. The father pretty much drinks beer all day long and listens to really old records on a really old record player. He is also very possessive of his things and doesn’t like them to be touched. The son likes to jog around the property a lot – at least, that’s what he does to pass the time. Pretty soon, some very dark vibes start coming into play. The father seems to want this inheritance for himself. How far will this go??? Writers George Dondero and Bethany Browning have come up with a very clever and very dark film. Dondero also directs and does so quite nicely. Actually, the whole cast does a great job with their parts making “War Of The Wills” a really great movie. I should also mention that I really like the music that they use on the old turntable. I give the film four and a half stars. Bravo. Thank you for reading.

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