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Toxic Sh!t

Written by: Stacey Stone / Diane Mellen |   Directed by: Stacey Stone |  Genre: Documentary

Toxic Sh!t is the story of corporate America, the power of the government, and a handful of communities. The scope of the film is far more significant, though, as the communities in Toxic Sh!t are just a scratch of the surface on the American stage as a whole. We all know that when it comes to any kind of negativity or government scandal, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who can actually make a difference. The same can be said about the giant corporate entities and their infinitely budgeted lawyers determined to make them look good no matter what.

Diane Mellen and Stacey Stone are the writers of this feature-length documentary, but the writing is mainly research-based and interview-based. This is a documentary, so you should know what I mean. A large chunk of this film focuses on Simi Valley and the Rocketdyne facility that had a meltdown. The attempts at a coverup and the claims that the areas affected are now safe. Even today. The film is chalked full of interviews and studies that show the exact opposite—all for Toxic Sh!t’s audience to watch and judge for themselves. The answers are pretty evident though.

Also in the film is the Raybestos debacle where they were dumping the poison into the local water, and the Hunters Point contamination from the military cleaning the nuclear waste off their ships and funneling it into the local area. All of which was denied, and even now, developers and government officials say things are clean and safe. Potential property buyers are told a complete lie about the hazard levels of the areas and conned into buying contaminated properties.

We all know the powers that be have the cash for almost any situation, and yes, they are willing to spend it. In the face of all the evidence, it’s unreal that anybody is trying to deny this. My only real wish is that more people from the opposing side were in this documentary, but… it makes sense that they are not. The officials wish this would all just vanish. Stacey Stone, Diane Mellen, and Toxic Sh!t continue to hammer home what’s really going on. So, go ahead. Watch the film, and maybe if enough people are made more aware, some real change can happen. 4.5/5.

TRAILER: Toxic Sh!t from Stacey Stone on Vimeo.

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