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With You, I Found Me

Written by: My Do |   Directed by: Brylle Gaviola |  Genre: Drama

The dysfunctional family trope has been present in many, many movies and TV shows for a good reason. It instantly can create drama that most viewers will recognize and accept. With You, I Found Me is no different, but that doesn’t make it any less dramatic or entertaining. In the film, Minh (My Do) is in the process of grieving for his late husband to be when he receives a phone call. Is he still coming? Minh was supposed to bring his partner Ian (JD Charisma) to meet with his mother and the rest of his siblings. Three sisters, as a matter of fact, and a neighbor who might as well be a 4th. With great reluctance, Minh confirms that he’s still coming.

It’s been three years since Minh has had contact with his family, adding to the vast divide that has taken place. It all seems to stem back to the loss of his father and how the family attempted to cope. That includes one sister, Lin (Abby Rey), becoming addicted to drugs. As expected, since this is a drama, things don’t go as planned resulting in a massive blowup at the dinner table, mainly involving Minh and Lin. The finger-pointing begins, and the rest of the family can only watch and wait. It’s a scene straight out of the lives of many people who will read this, and it’s a powerful one.

Now, I will admit that With You, I Found Me ends on a happier note, and the truth is that this was a good thing. I won’t go into too many other details, but there is one plot string that, to me, rings very true. Family forgives. The entirety of this film can be summed up with those two simple words. Family forgives. While it may be silly to think that any issue within a family can and will be resolved, for the most part, those words remain true. I’ve always believed that loss or differences of opinion cause family tension, but in the end, a middle ground can usually be reached. Why couldn’t it? Your family knows you at your best and worst, and conflict is just a part of the process. For me, that was the message that came through loud and clear… that and the fact that Ian truly loved Minh.

My only complaint was that I believe With You, I Found Me could have been a little longer, allowing time to explore these characters much more. It’s not every day that I wish a short film had more length, but in this case, it would have worked great. As the film sits right now, it’s a great dramatic production with some good acting and an excellent visual style. Four out of five stars, and thank you for reading.

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