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When Everything's Gone

Written by: Alex Alessi |   Directed by: Jeff Stewart / Alex Alessi |  Genre: Sci-Fi
Reviewed by Rick Murrin.

We all just lived through the scariest time that I can remember in my life—the Pandemic. Millions of people have died worldwide, but it’s still not totally over. However, there are billions of us on the planet – what would it take to wipe out the whole population? Or at least most of it? Without, of course, blowing the living bejesus out of everyone. In this film, Rory (Alex Alessi) is wandering through the woods alone while also flashing back to the past – to the beginning of some sort of virus that will eventually wipe out the entire population. He and his younger brother Chris ( Gabriel Rush) are together while the world collapses. Rory is alone now. All life is not gone yet, and he eventually comes upon a house with a family inside.

Casper ( Alex Emanuel), his daughter Rosie ( Catherine Blades), and his wife Lilly ( Sandra Gumuzzio ), who is dying. Casper is a doctor who has kept enough medical equipment to test blood for infection. Oh, I forgot to mention that we are in Autumn, and Winter is coming. There are also no walking-dead people coming around, which is very refreshing. They have to head South where they won’t freeze. I’m assuming there are no longer electric companies providing power, but there are whispers of a place called Eden where life is still thriving.

So they set off on the road. The journey is not without peril, of course. There are always bad people in an Apocalypse. “When Everything’s Gone” is a really good movie. Alex Alessi gives a solid performance. The story itself doesn’t exactly break any new ground, but it also doesn’t follow the typical end-of-the-world scenarios that often involve walking dead people. Technically it was shot at some beautiful locations. The directing and editing are also both wonderful, while the music feels perfect. Every actor turns in a solid performance which really elevates this movie. However, the film does feel a little long. Besides that, When Everything’s Gone really is a great film, and I give it four solid stars. Thank you for reading.

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