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Tuesday Night Fever

Written by: Christine Heiner / Chris Neri  |   Directed by: Christine Heiner / Chris Neri |  Genre: Comedy

 A man sneaks out of his boring life to dance it up but not with any dancing. He’s gone Disco and the world is his oyster. He’ll dance in the streets, dance on the giant chess boards of the world and even dance while playing basketball. That pretty sums up this super short film leaving very little else to write about it.

 I won’t lie and say there’s really anything else happening here, or that there’s much of a story; but by God this short film serves up a small helping of fun. For reasons I don’t fully understand, I realized I was smiling through the entire thing. There’s something almost child-like about Tuesday Night Fever that just brought me into it. Drew me to it. Is it engaging or great to look at? No. Not at all. It looks worse than an 80s movie that has been copied about 12 times. But I still enjoyed it. And, it was over before I really had much time to think about it.

 The whole film is presented in an old style. I mentioned the 1980s and that about sums things up. Grainy, mis-colored footage beneath a banging disco sound track. Tuesday Night Fever isn’t going to win any awards for visuals that’s for sure. It looks like an indie film from a few decades ago.

 But as I also said, there is something cool about watching a man with a huge collar disco dancing his time away. Like some long forgotten music video has resurfaced. I mentioned that this is a quick film and that was a great decision. Because it’s only around 3 minutes, it’s on and done before anyone can complain. I can’t speak to anything else but the feeling I had when watching. This was a fun short film. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for reading.

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