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Halloween Obsessed

Written by: Barbara Dolny-Bombar |   Directed by: Linda Palmer |  Genre: Documentary

Guests discuss the origins, myths, and misconceptions of witches in this short documentary directed by Linda Palmer. Judging by the style and a few mentions of an episodic nature, Halloween Obsessed: The Misconception of Witches takes us down the path of magick and those who practice it. Yes, that’s “magick” and not “magic,” and if you think you know a lot about witches, this short film may make you rethink that notion. The history of witchcraft is talked about by 5 (I believe) modern-day witches, as are the differences between different types of witches. If you think all witches look like they stepped out of The Wizard of Oz, think again.

Also talked about is how witches relate to Halloween and the true meaning of some of the symbolism of witches, and although it sounds like this documentary could feel overstuffed with information, it’s laid out with the ease of a professional editor, and the flow of the film never gets sticky. Much like the energy talked about during the film, Halloween Obsessed: The Misconception of Witches never bogs you down or puts you to sleep. If you’re even only slightly interested in documentary shows and have an interest in the occult or witches, in particular, this could be just what you’re looking for.

The whole of the film consists of interviews featuring some modern-day witches, a narrator, and a mix of shot and stock footage blended together in a seamless way. If you happen to watch a lot of the History channel or Nat-Geo, you should instantly recognize the style of this film. It’s familiar and interesting, making Halloween Obsessed: The Misconception of Witches an easy watch to get into. The guests are not only interesting but also relatable, which is something of a marvel when you consider they are witches. Or maybe that shouldn’t come as a surprise at all considering all the misinformation out there on witches… something this film clears up really quickly.

If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of witches, Halloween, or if witches are actually devil worshippers, you’ll find a lot of good stuff watching this film. It’s informative, and the overall package is solid and even a little flashy. A fresh look at a very old topic and one I enjoyed a lot. Thank you for reading.

HO_The Misconception of Witches Trailer from Linda Palmer on Vimeo.

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