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Written by: Hugo Diego Garcia |   Directed by: Hugo Diego Garcia |  Genre: Crime / Drama

 Taking place in the 1980s in France, Tony ( Hugo Diego Garcia ) is a small time thug on the cusp of moving up in the criminal world. After letting us know what kind of person Tony is, after spending a night in jail, Tony is approached by one of his “colleges” for a meeting with the boss. The big-boss that is. By this point, we’ve established that Tony is perhaps a lot smarter than we’re initially led to believe but is also quite a hothead; and struggles to keep his calm during the meeting when the boss’s number two taunts him. This is all the opening of this short film and it’s clear there’s a bit more meat on the bone in this film, than a run of the mill bad guy mafia type movie.

  The crew starts their hunt for the accountant, and Hugo Diego Garcia shows his love for the time period. The mission is chaotic and shows us viewers more of Tony’s inner struggle. Good Vs bad, a life of crime or maybe no life at all. Through flashbacks, we see that he is, in fact really smart but his temper has more or less killed his academic dreams. He is capable of sympathy, empathy, and the ideas of good and bad. But for him, it’s almost as if he’s pushed into a life of crime by unseen forces. Nothing ever seems to work out, except for when his violent nature emerges. Then people listen. This is a film about the complexities of a young man on the verge of his life’s path. It’s not just violence for violence, there’s a story here and maybe it’s not the most original story you’ll see, the depth lies in the characters themselves. Especially Tony.

  The look of Tony is also pretty cool. It’s a micro budget film that takes color seriously. That 80s film look, that’s almost like watching an old western is present to go along with the 80s hair and clothes. Garcia really goes for the vibing decade in both presentation, cinematography, and sound. I loved it!  The performances are also pretty great. I’m not saying always, but most of the time it all works excellently. For me, some of the most powerful scenes involved Tony’s father; but I’ll leave that for the audience to lap up and enjoy. I want to also point out that this short film does jump around a lot with its linear time frame. Surprisingly, it doesn’t get confusing at all and adds to the depth and story of Tony himself.  I highly recommend giving Tony a shot. It’s not crazy violent, but not a walk in the park either. Most of the characters are interesting, especially Tony himself, and although I’ve never been to France in the 1980’s I can imagine this was what the underbelly was exactly like. This was a great 30+ minutes that felt much shorter. Four stars and thank you for reading. 

TONY (2019) – Trailer from ILLIS on Vimeo.

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